How to Complete Dreaded Dunes in Golf Clash


The Dreaded Dunes Tournament has arrived in Golf Clash, and you’ll need your wits about you as you navigate these deadly sands. We’ve got some overviews and routes for you right here in our Golf Clash guide on how to complete Dreaded Dunes!

How to Complete Dreaded Dunes

Hole 1 (Par 4)

The first hole of Dreaded Dunes is a nice introduction to the course. It’s a simple shoe-shaped layout with only a couple of sandpits to worry about. You can go either right or left to avoid the rocks in the center, but the right path is a little more straightforward and quicker.

Source: Golf Clash Notebook

Hole 2 (Par 3)

Things are getting a little more… sandy now. You still have a straight shot to the hole, but just be careful not to veer off-course too much or use excess power, otherwise you’re going right into the sand.

Source: Golf Clash Notebook

Hole 3 (Par 5)

Hole 3 is a little simpler than the previous hole. You’ve got somewhat of a clear shot, but you have to be careful of the multiple small sandpits littered around the hole. Hang to the right side and move from fairway to fairway.

Source: Golf Clash Notebook

Hole 4 (Par 3)

This one is fairly simple – you need to get over the stretch of sand in the middle of the course, and you should be fine. Just be careful about your power, else you’ll roll into the sandpit behind the hole.

Source: Golf Clash Notebook

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Hole 5 (Par 4)

You’ve got two ways to go on hole 5. The right path gives you a lot of leeway if you’re afraid of rolling forward too far, while the left path gives you a lot of room in general, in case you miss your shot. As always, watch the small pockets of sand and be careful with your power.

Source: Golf Clash Notebook

Hole 6 (Par 5)

You’ve got par 5 for this course, so the key is taking your time and making sure your shots count. Go straight at the beginning, and if you’re near the middle top section, you can cut over the small sandpits, but watch out for the pits near the hole. Golf balls with high amounts of spin will do great here, as you can cut the curve in the middle.

Source: Golf Clash Notebook

Hole 7 (Par 3)

This entire hole is downhill, so be careful of wind direction and strength. There are three starting spots to choose from, and the two furthest away are your safest bets. Put a little spin on your shot so that when you hit the fairway, you’ll roll towards the hole which is a little off to the side.

Source: Golf Clash Notebook

Hole 8 (Par 4)

The fastest route on this hole is to stick to the right side, but you’re going to need a strong enough driver and ball to make it over the long stretches of sand. Also, you’ll need to be careful of wind. The safest route is the left route – just don’t forget about wind!

Source: Golf Clash Notebook

Hole 9 (Par 5)

This is it – the final challenge! The fastest way is sticking to the right side, so for your first shot, make sure to spin your ball so your land on the fairway. From there you can play it safe by making small shots onto each bit of fairway, or you can go straight for the hole. If your driver isn’t strong enough or the wind is too great, stick to the left side for an easier time.

Source: Golf Clash Notebook

That concludes our guide on Golf Clash‘s Dreaded Dunes tournament. If you have any other routes or strategies you’d like to share, let us know in the comments below!

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How to Complete Dreaded Dunes in Golf Clash


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