How to Complete All Play Your Way Quests in Fortnite

fortnite play your way rewards feature

There is a fun new way to earn XP and get introduced to some of the best creative maps and games in Fortnite. This week players can complete challenges set in Play Your Way Quests to earn XP and cosmetic rewards including new loading screens, Backboard wrap designs, and a Harvesting Tool. Find out below how to complete all Play Your Way Quests in Fortnite.

All Play Your Way Quests in Fortnite

Players can complete multiple quests set in various Creative Maps to gain colourful Back Board designs, fun new loading screens and a funky rainbow pickaxe. Each quest completed earns the player 10K XP, then further cosmetic rewards as they complete 1/4/7/10 quests:

  • 1 Quest Completed = Brite Boarder Style Back Board Design + Taco Take Off Loading Screen
  • 4 Quests Completed = Cuddle Kickflip Style Back Board Design + The Cuddle Team Loading Screen
  • 7 Quests Completed = Goofy Fin Style Back Board Design + Above the Clouds Wrap
  • 10 Quests Completed = Llamasploded Style Back Board Design + Kaleido-Crusher Pickaxe
Play Your Way Fortnite Rewards (via Epic Games)

To get involved and have the chance to win these cosmetics just load up Fortnite and go to the Play Your Way Creative Maps.

play your way creative fortnite
Play Your Way Creative Mode (via Epic Games)

Load up whichever game you like, and get playing! Each of the games provided has a set of quests to complete to earn XP and rewards. The quests are as follows:

  • Complete 5 Rainbow Crossroads Achievements
  • Complete 10 Rainbow Crossroads Achievements
  • Throw Some Paint at Rainbow Crossroads!
rainbow crossroads fortnite
Rainbow Crossroads Achievements Board in Fortnite (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)
  • Eliminate 3 Opponents Without Dying in One Shot Gun Game
  • Eliminate 55 Opponents in One Shot Gun Game
  • Outlive 3 Monsters in Monster Wars (easier to achieve in Private Game mode)
  • Spend 750 Gold in Monster Wars
monster Wars fortnite
Monster Wars in Fortnite (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)
  • Destroy 50 Structures in GO GOATED!
  • Deal 5K Damage to Opponents in GO GOATED!
  • Complete 3 Biomes in Escape the World Parkour
  • Complete Escape the World Parkour
escape the world parkour fortnite
Escape the World Parkour in Fortnite (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)
  • Reach Level 20 in Frozst Survival
  • Deal 10K Damage in 10 Seconds in Frozst Survival

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Those are all of the bonus goals to complete in Play Your Way Quests! If you enjoy those Creative Maps, don’t forget to support the creators and find out what else they have made for you. Why not check out the Doctor Who Map next! Good luck.

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How to Complete All Play Your Way Quests in Fortnite


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