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How to Complete ‘A Friend in Deed’ Side Quest in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Complete ‘A Friend in Deed’ Side Quest in Hogwarts Legacy
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Hogwarts Legacy has many quests and challenges to complete, including side quests! Some of these involve travelling around, speaking to various characters, and completing tasks for them. When a player reaches level 15, a side quest called “A Friend in Deed” becomes available. Find out below how to complete “A Friend in Deed” side quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

Completing the “A Friend in Deed” side quest in Hogwarts Legacy

This side quest will be available to level 15 players who have finished the quest “The Helm of Urtkot” in the main story. There are five objectives to this particular side quest:

  1. Talk to Sirona Ryan at The Three Broomsticks;
  2. Talk to Dorothy Sprottle in Upper Hogsfield;
  3. Find and enter the cavern;
  4. Collect Sirona’s five letters and collect Sirona’s box;
  5. Return the box of letters to Sirona.

First, visit Hogsmeade and go to The Three Broomsticks. Speak to Sirona Ryan, who is cleaning tables there. She will ask you a few things, including if you could visit her friend Dorothy and find her box of letters.

Sirona Ryan has a quest for you at the Three Broomsticks (via Hogwarts Legacy)

Travel north of Hogsmeade to Hogsfield. If you want to get inside the cottage, you will need to unlock Dorothy’s door, but it is a simple lock, so it won’t prove too difficult. She is not inside, but she can be found out in the yard doing some gardening. When you meet her, she asks you to help her get some Horklumps. Once you have done that, you can move onto talking about Sirona’s letters.

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Dorothy tells you about the letters and says that her late husband dropped them in a cavern southwest of your current location. Follow the waypoint on your map to the entrance of the cavern. As you progress, you can gather Horklumps for Dorothy.

Make your way through the cavern, finding all sorts of items and gear. If you cannot carry much, don’t worry—you can always return another time. You will come across a Mountain Troll, which you can either try to avoid or fight. All the letters and the box are at the end of the caverns, before the exit to the Forbidden Forest.

Finally return to Hogsmeade and go to the Three Broomsticks to speak once again to Sirona Ryan. When the quest shows up as complete, you will gain rewards of Conjuration Spellcraft and 180XP, and you are done. Next up, why not check out more information in our Hogwarts Legacy section? Good luck!

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How to Complete ‘A Friend in Deed’ Side Quest in Hogwarts Legacy


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