How to Collect Capsules in Dragon Ball Adventure Island Fortnite

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The Fortnite X Dragon Ball event is introducing players to a special Creative Mode game! One of the Dragon Ball Power Unleashed event quests requires players to visit a Creative Mode island and find 100 Capsule Corps capsules. Find out here how to collect capsules in Dragon Ball Adventure Island Fortnite.

Collecting 100 Capsule Corps Capsules in Dragon Ball Adventure Island

When the new daily Dragon Ball quests were released, the Dragon Ball Adventure Island was not yet live. Player had to wait for a couple of hours to jump in and complete the quests. The first quest is to collect 100 Capsule Corps Capsules, and the second is to collect a Dragon Ball.

To find the Dragon Ball Adventure Island, scroll up to the Dragon Ball themed Creative Islands. In this list you will also find the Dragon Ball Super Episode Festival, where you can watch episodes of the classic anime.

Dragon Ball Adventure Island (via Epic Games)

Find the Dragon Ball Adventure Island and go to either a Public or Private match. Public matches have lots of other players so may experience some lag issues, but it is also fun to play around with others while in the island. The choice is yours!

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Collecting Capsule Corps Capsules (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

Once you are in the island, you can begin running about collecting all the Capsule Corps capsules you see. Many are on the ground, while others can be found floating in the air.

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Use your Nimbus Cloud to jump up and fly to the floating clouds above, from there you can reach many of the floating capsules.

Fly on the Nimbus Cloud to reach the floating capsules (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

Once you have collected all 100 Capsule Corps capsules, you can head over to the area and fight some other players. Choose a weapon, which will then appear in your inventory when you enter the arena, and see how many eliminations you can get!

That’s all you need to know about collecting all 100 Capsule Corps capsules in this special Creative Island quest! Good luck.

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How to Collect Capsules in Dragon Ball Adventure Island Fortnite


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