How to Choose which Guaranteed Summon to Roll On in Fate Grand Order

a promotion for the new years 2022 guaranteed summon in fate grand order

Once again it’s the New Year, and in Fate Grand Order, that means the coming of the Lucky Bag summon—or as some call it, the Guaranteed SSR summon. Players can pay one price and pick from a specific set of banners, where they are guaranteed to get, at minimum, one completely random 5-star servant. Summoning costs about 15 dollars in paid currency, a steep drop compared to when the Guaranteed banners once cost 30 dollars.

Guaranteed banners typically only come around every New Year, and the game’s anniversary every July. How the banners are set up changes with every event. This time around, they consist of limited characters organized by class, so one with sabers, lancers, etc. However, you can only choose one to roll on, and picking one can be difficult. Here is the best way to go about this process.

Don’t Have Too Specific Expectations

The Caster banner in Fate Grand Order

When looking at banners, you should pick the one with your favorite, but you should also make sure that you’re okay with the prospect of getting what is also on that banner. For example, if you plan to pull on the Rider banner because you want Maid Alter but don’t want Iskandar or Ivan, you should probably pick something else. Don’t pull on the Caster banner expecting Merlin and be angry you got Illya instead.

Pick One Based On Your Player Status

The Saber Banner in Fate Grand Order

For newer players that don’t have a big roster yet, it is recommended you roll on one of the basic classes like Saber or Lancer. The Saber banner has a lot of good single-target characters that can be boss killers. The banner also has the area of effect buster farmer Arthur Pendragon. The Berserker banner also has two very good area of effect farmers, Raikou and Arjuna alter. Berserkers are helpful because they are strong against all classes, Foreigners being the exception. However, you won’t run into that class until well past completing the first arc of the game.

Choose Something With Variety

The Ruler and Avenger banner in Fate Grand Order

Try to avoid banners with a majority of characters you have since, even if there are two you don’t have, you will most likely end up with a copy of something. Still, if there is someone specific you want, you should go for them because statistically, you have a higher chance to get them here than if you were to try for them on a regular banner. Not to mention a lot of the characters on this banner were featured in previous events that aren’t coming back, so this is the best time to try for them.

Avoid The Assassin Banner

If you’re gearing toward the assassin banner because you want a specific character like Cleopatra or Semiramis, go for it by all means. However, if you’re pulling because you want a hard-hitting unit, assassins don’t usually cut it. Instead, if you want something to fight against Riders, roll on the banner with the Alter Ego units. Alter Egos are strong against the Calvary classes like Riders, Assassins, and Casters, so they will be able to do more work and hit harder than an Assassin unit.

The Guaranteed banners end on January 10, 2022, so be sure to pick one now if you haven’t.

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How to Choose which Guaranteed Summon to Roll On in Fate Grand Order


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