How to Change Your Tailed Beast Color in Shindo Life

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Surely everyone who watched Naruto at least once dreamed of being in that world and owning the same tailed beast that Naruto owned. We have good news for you: in the game Shindo Life, you can do just that. In addition, in the game, you can change the color of your beast, and today we will tell you how to do it.

How to Change Your Tailed Beast Color in Shindo Life

In Shindo Life, you can get absolutely any tailed beast from those that were in the Naruto anime, and immediately after that, you can change its color and more. Here is what you need to do for this:

  • Equip the tailed beast first, especially if you have more than one. Go to the game menu and select the beast whose color you want to change.
  • Next, activate the tailed beast mode.
  • Next, move to the general chat of the players and enter the command “!spirit”.
  • You will be moved to a location to edit your tailed beast.
  • In this place, you can change many parameters of your beast, namely: head, armor, tails, eye aura, tailed beast color, and tailed beast aura color.
  • For each change, you will need to spend spins, and the changes themselves will be random. That is, you will need to spend a lot of spins until you get the tailed beast color you want.
  • After you finish editing and you want to leave this location, you need to enter the command “!spirit off” in the chat.

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The game features many different colors of a tailed beast, from which any player can choose what they like. Therefore, we advise you to collect more spins, and only after that, go to editing the color because this way you will get what you want.

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How to Change Your Tailed Beast Color in Shindo Life


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