How to Change Villager Trades in Minecraft Bedrock Edition


Villager trading is one of the most helpful mechanics in Minecraft. Ever since its introduction, many players have relied on village trading to get various items. Players can obtain valuable resources like enchantments, diamond gears, emeralds, and more from villagers. Sometimes, villagers can offer useless trades as well. In this guide, you can learn how to change villager trades in Minecraft.

Guide to Changing Villager Trades in Minecraft

Changing villager trades is certainly possible, but there is a condition. If a villager has already traded with any player, that villager cannot change their trade. Players can only change the trades of a villager who has just gained their profession and has not made any trades.

Players must find the target villager’s workstation to change a villager’s trade. Break the workstation block to remove the villager’s profession. After losing its profession, the villager’s skin turns back to default. Once it’s the default, place your desired workstation block , and now the villager will take the profession.

Sometimes, the villager can take a long time to lose their profession. Players can try reloading their world to see if the profession goes away or not. Just make sure the villager has not traded. Otherwise, it won’t change its trades.

Which villagers’ trades should you change in Minecraft?

This trick is mostly used for resetting librarians’ trades in Minecraft. Librarians can offer almost all enchantments right from the Novice level. Players can change librarian’s trades continuously until it offers the wanted enchantment. Other than treasure enchantments, librarians can sell all other enchantments in Minecraft.

Besides librarians, players can also try changing farmer’s crop trades. A farmer can purchase either potato, wheat, carrot, or beetroot. Players can choose any one of them by changing farmer’s trades.

Hopefully, this guide helped you change your villager’s trades in Minecraft. If you have any doubt, feel free to ask them in the comments!

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How to Change Villager Trades in Minecraft Bedrock Edition


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