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How to Change Title in Airship Knights | Complete List of Titles & How to Get Them

How to Change Title in Airship Knights | Complete List of Titles & How to Get Them
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Airship Knights is a fun idle RPG that lets you sail among the clouds. Although the gameplay is tailored for casual mobile gamers, the game has several RPG elements, including customization options for your ship, captain, and titles. Let’s look at how you can change your title in Airship Knights.

How to Change Your Airship Knights Title

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Changing the title in Airship Knights is easy and will only require a few simple steps:

  1. Enter the Home Menu indicated by the anchor icon.
  2. Select your Name Plate to view name and title customization options.
  3. Find the icon representing a quill with your Adventurer Level right below.
  4. Tap on Edit Title.
  5. Pick any title from the list. Note that only unlocked titles will be shown.

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The Complete List of Airship Knights Titles and How to Get Them

The final step above mentions unlocked titles. Here’s how to get every title in Airship Knights so you can use it in-game:

  • Newcomer—Unlocked once you start the game
  • Fun—Unlocked upon recruiting 100 Knights
  • Pleasant—Unlocked upon recruiting 200 Knights
  • Fancy—Unlocked upon recruiting 400 Knights
  • Happy—Unlocked upon recruiting 800 Knights
  • Beautiful—Unlocked upon recruiting 1,000 Knights
  • Circular—Unlocked upon recruiting 2,000 Knights
  • Lucky—Unlocked upon getting three 3-stars in a single Recruitment
  • Sweeper—Unlocked upon getting four 4-stars in a single Recruitment
  • Three of a Kind—Unlocked upon getting three of the same hero in a single Recruitment
  • Hoodwinker—Unlocked upon getting four of the same hero in a single Recruitment
  • Dark—Unlocked upon crafting 100 Equipment
  • Silent—Unlocked upon crafting 250 Equipment
  • Calm—Unlocked upon crafting 500 Equipment
  • Tough—Unlocked upon crafting 1,000 Equipment
  • Herculean—Unlocked upon crafting 2,000 Equipment
  • Dumb—Unlocked upon crafting 3,000 Equipment
  • Courteous—Unlocked upon crafting 4,000 Equipment
  • Rookie—Unlocked when you become a level-10 Adventurer
  • Inexperienced—Unlocked when you become a level-20 Adventurer
  • Apprentice—Unlocked when you become a level-30 Adventurer
  • Leading—Unlocked when you become a level-50 Adventurer
  • Controller—Unlocked upon reaching level 10 Control Room
  • Engineer—Unlocked upon reaching level 10 Engine Room
  • Blacksmith—Unlocked upon reaching level 10 Steel Mill
  • Scientist—Unlocked upon reaching level 10 Laboratory
  • Drone Pilot—Unlocked upon reaching level 10 MODRoom
  • Drill Sergeant—Unlocked upon reaching level 10 Training Room
  • Cook—Unlocked upon reaching level 10 Kitchen
  • Strategist—Unlocked upon reaching level 10 Strategy room
  • Enlightened—Unlocked with the Magicite Addict achievement
  • Sweet Home—Return 100 times
  • Guest—Complete 100 Exchange actions
  • Client—Complete 200 Exchange actions
  • Regular—Complete 400 Exchange actions
  • Jingle—Complete 500 Exchange actions
  • Assembly—Unlocked upon Guild registration
  • Cosplayer—Unlocked once you customize the look of your Captain
  • #Hastagholic—Unlocked after gaining 100 titles
  • Empire—Unlocked upon promoting your Captain to two stars
  • Recalling—Unlocked upon promoting your Captain to three stars
  • Messenger—Unlocked upon promoting your Captain to four stars
  • The Captain—Unlocked after completing the Temple of Thelma Final Trial
  • Flaming—Unlocked after clearing Island of Fire Stage 30
  • Cold-blooded—Unlocked after clearing Island of Water Stage 30
  • Groundhitter—Unlocked after clearing Island of Earth Stage 30
  • Windbreaker—Unlocked after clearing Island of Wind Stage 30
  • Conquerer—Unlocked after clearing all Elemental Islands Stage 30
  • Notorious—Unlocked after 100 Arena Wins
  • Perseverance—Unlocked after 100 Arena Defeats
  • Summoner—Unlocked after Summoning Raid Boss 100 times
  • Spirital—Unlocked after clearing Soul Dungeon Entrance 2
  • Man of Death—Unlocked after clearing Soul Dungeon Entrance 3
  • Scary—Unlocked after clearing Soul Dungeon Entrance 4
  • Blind—Unlocked after clearing Soul Dungeon Deep 1
  • Abyssal—Unlocked after clearing Soul Dungeon Deep 2
  • Wicked—Unlocked after clearing Soul Dungeon Deep 3
  • Ghost—Unlocked after clearing Soul Dungeon Deep 4
  • Drowsy—Clear a Sky Tower Stage
  • Comfortable—Clear Sky Tower Floor 20
  • Usual—Clear Sky Tower Floor 30
  • Daily—Clear Sky Tower Floor 40
  • Ordinary—Clear Sky Tower Floor 50
  • Extraordinary—Clear Sky Tower Floor 60
  • Fireworks—Unlocked after obtaining 10 Fire Knights
  • Pool Party—Unlocked after obtaining 10 Water Knights
  • Land Rich—Unlocked after obtaining 10 Earth Knights
  • Storms Eye—Unlocked after obtaining 10 Wind Knights
  • Starcalling—Unlocked after obtaining a five-star Knight
  • Starcatcher—Unlocked after Awakening 10 Knights
  • Collector—Unlocked after getting 30 Epic Equipments
  • Jack—Unlocked after getting 30 Legendary Equipments
  • Skillful—Unlocked after activating 10 Skills in a single Elite Stage
  • Fatal—Unlocked after activating 10 Critical Attacks in a single Elite Stage
  • Tanker—Unlocked after receiving 10 hits in a single Elite Stage
  • Lazy—Unlocked after activating 10 Timeouts in Elite Stages
  • Headshot—Unlocked by defeating an Elite Stage monster with a single attack
  • Amnesia—Clear Chapter 1.1 (The Mirror Room)
  • First—Clear Chapter 1.2 (The Knight Test)
  • Cold War—Clear Chapter 2
  • Enthusiast—Clear Chapter 3
  • Best Buyer—Clear Chapter 4
  • Spy—Clear Chapter 5
  • Headhunter—Clear Chapter 6
  • Muse—Clear Chapter 7
  • Bread Lover—Clear Chapter 8
  • Human Wave—Clear Chapter 9
  • Scout—Clear Chapter 10
  • Tied up—Clear Chapter 11
  • Prisoner—Clear Chapter 12
  • Cheater—Clear Chapter 13
  • Dragonslayer—Clear Chapter 14
  • Breaker—Clear Chapter 15
  • Weeper—Clear Chapter 16
  • Scraper—Clear Chapter 17
  • Serious—Clear Chapter 18
  • Two Jobs—Clear Chapter 19
  • Troubleshooter—Clear Chapter 20
  • Weak—Clear Chapter 21
  • Hidden Knife—Clear Chapter 22
  • Christine’s—Clear Chapter 23
  • Client—Clear Chapter 24
  • Fistful of the—Clear Chapter 25
  • VIP—Clear Chapter 26
  • Logical—Clear Chapter 27
  • Tough—Clear Chapter 28
  • Bory saved—Clear Chapter 29
  • Kidnapped—Clear Chapter 30
  • Protagonist—Clear Chapter 31
  • Everyday—Unlocked after logging in for 100 days

This completes our list of Titles in Airship Knights. “Troubleshooter,” “Dragonslayer,” and “Starcatcher” are among the ones we love the most. What are your favorite Airship Knights Titles? Let us know in the comments.

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