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Airship Knights is a project that may remind you of games like Cookie Run: Kingdom. There you will need to form a squad that consists of a few characters. These heroes will fight automatically and you will simply need to look at their performance. If they can’t beat their enemies then you will likely need to get better characters. Today we are going to help you to determine the strongest heroes. This guide will provide you with a tier list of characters in Airship Knights.

Best Characters in Airship Knights

There are many interesting RPGs that you can find in the game industry and today we are going to pay attention to the project known as Airship Knights. In this game, you can form a squad that consists of different heroes. Some of them are stronger than others. So, you may want to know the most effective characters among them and we are going to help you.

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Tier lists are a good way to rank characters in almost any game. So, here is our tier list of characters in Airship Knights. Hopefully, you will find this information useful and it will help you to make the best squad.

Tier List of Characters in Airship Knights

SFavian, Christine, Celine, Fatima, Albi, Eleanor
APQ, Bernardo, Yui, Victor, Narin, Sunwha, Ana, Flora
BLaurent, Drake, Dana, Marcelo, Naul, Maxim, Horang, Carlo, Maurice
CMiranda, May, Benjamin, Jake, Cnut, Seola, Beatrice
DBao, Aurelia, Suwol, Maru, Silvia, Wilbur, Jacques, Gloria, Rashid, Ramses

Airship Knights is a cool project and we will be glad if this article helps you to determine which characters you want to put in your squad. Also, you could check our list of codes for this game. Good luck with your further adventures in Airship Knights!

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Airship Knights Tier List


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