How to Change the Name of a Character in Terraria

Many players worldwide are so excited about Terraria, a game where they can resist their enemies to survive and reach some honor and fame. The players create their towns, fight against the most potent rivals and reach the highest peaks of their character development. Still, someday they may want to get the desire to change the character’s name and want to know whether it is possible to save everything that they have been accumulating for such a long period and use it with a new name. Let’s check the ways how you can change your character name in Terraria.

​Ways to Change Character Name in Terraria

If you want to change the name on the particular server, please follow these steps:

  • Choose the option Multiplayer and who you want to change the name for (choose the exact character).
  • Hit via IP and paste
  • You will be brought to the map; here, please click Chat and type /fb.
  • Click Enter.
  • Right in the chatbox, add /Changename, add the space, and type a new character’s name.
  • Click Enter once again.

If you want to change the name everywhere, here is the option that we can offer to you:

  • Gather all the stuff your character has and locate it in one or more chests, depending on the quantity of the property.
  • Please exit the world and create a new character.
  • Provide your unique character with everything from the chests (the world should not be changed).

Important note: this way, you will save the stuff for your new character, still, will not save health and mana. Mana is easy to fix; however, you will need more time to restore your health.

Now you are all set. Choose the way that is the best for you and enjoy the new name of your character!

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