How to Change Position in MLB: The Show 2022


MLB: The Show is among the best baseball game series around, allowing players to participate in the Major League Baseball and lead their team to victory.

MLB: The Show 2022 introduces a lot of improvements to its predecessors’ experience, such as plenty of quality of life improvements that have been asked for by the community for years.

One of these improvements the community has asked for is the ability to quickly change position. While the developer hasn’t really listened, changing positions in MLB: The Show 2022 is a thing. Here’s how to do it.

How to Change Position in MLB: The Show 2022

Changing positions in MLB: The Show 2022 isn’t particularly straightforward, and it is only possible to do if certain conditions are met, which the game doesn’t exactly explain.

To change position in MLB: The Show 2022, you will need to rely on the agent who will be available every once in a while. When the agent is available, tell them that you want to change position, which will prompt some warnings that this may cause issues inside the team. If a position is open, however, you will be able to change to it with little to no consequences. Additionally, it is possible to change positions more easily at the start of your career when you are still in the minor league, as your manager will offer you to try out different ones.

In case you are unable to change your position with the agent method, and you are willing to put in some serious work, you always have the option of making a new character and starting over. It is far from optimal, but if you feel you are struggling, the extra effort you will have to put in to recover all the progress you have made will be well worth it.

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How to Change Position in MLB: The Show 2022


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