How to Change Language in Fire Emblem Heroes

How to Change Language in Fire Emblem Heroes

All the fans of tactical role-playing games most probably heard about Fire Emblem Heroes. The game developer is Intelligent Systems, and there is a possibility to play it both on iOS and Android. If you have ever been playing the Fire Emblem series, we highly recommend you to try playing Fire Emblem Heroes. Nintendo published this game as a mobile spin-off of the Fire Emblem series. That is why you will meet the same characters there.

Multiple times we have received inquiries about the possibility of changing the language in the game. Thus, we decided to cover how to switch the language in Fire Emblem Heroes and why the players want to do this. Are you one of those players who want to change the language settings? Great, then keep reading the guide to get the answers! Let’s go!

​The Instruction on Changing the Language in Fire Emblem Heroes

The reason for the inquiries about the change of the language settings is that multiple players consider the voices of the characters cuter in Japanese, for example. Still, we want to highlight that there is no option of switching just the voice language. Once you apply the change, it will word both for the characters’ voice and the words/sentences all over the game.

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If you decide to proceed still and choose some other language among all the languages available in the game, here is how you can do it:

  • For the first, please select FAQ/Etc. In the Misc. menu.
  • Once done, please hit Select language.
  • Once you change your language settings, you may probably need to download additional language data.

This is the fast and descriptive instruction on how a player is able to change language in Fire Emblem Heroes. Have fun playing the game!

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How to Change Language in Fire Emblem Heroes


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