Fire Emblem Heroes Player Forced to Retire After Finding Himself $80,000 in Microtransaction Debt

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Is it really a "micro" transaction at that point?

Yeah, okay, we’ll admit it. Fire Emblem Heroes is a fun game. Is it free-to-play? Sure. Have we still spent money on the game? You can bet your pay-to-win butts on it that we did.

And can you really blame us, or anyone else that did, for that matter? Fire Emblem Heroes received a number of awards and nominations in the “Best Mobile Game” categories, and as of 2020, the game grossed over $656 million globally, making it Nintendo’s highest-grossing mobile game!

Okay, so it’s a game worth spending your money on. Maybe $10, MAYBE $100, right? Well, is it worth spending $87,600 on?

Earlier this month, competitive Japanese Fire Emblem Heroes player ‘Daichi’ announced his retirement from FEH, and probably video games as a whole, when his wife discovered that he had stolen over 10 million yen (approx $87,600), which he spent on Fire Emblem Heroes.

The announcement of his retirement was done through his Twitter handle @fehdaidai. But it wasn’t done by the Japanese player himself; rather, his wife.

The above tweet roughly translates to…

“I was forced to retire because I had borrowed more than 10 million debts for social games without telling my wife. Please be careful not to become such a waste (Daichi’s bride).”

Daichi’s wife then went on to reply to her own tweet…

This tweet roughly translates to…

“There is a typographical error.

Correct: I was in debt of 10 million

If there are tweets in the future, they will all be sent from the bride, not the person himself. I have nothing to say from him.”

Clearly, Daichi’s wife is pissed. She claims to be handling Daichi’s Twitter account from now on, apart from making sure he retires from his professional gaming career, possibly forever.

What do you think about this gaming scandal? Do you think what Daichi did was forgivable? Was his wife’s punishment justified?

Well, one thing is confirmed for sure: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!

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Fire Emblem Heroes Player Forced to Retire After Finding Himself $80,000 in Microtransaction Debt


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