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How to Change Color Scheme in Planet Zoo

Learn how to change the color schemes of objects and staff member uniforms in Planet Zoo.

The amount of customization in Planet Zoo can be dizzying at times, as the game allows players to tailor their zoo’s appearance to be anything they desire. That being said, something as simple as changing the color of something can be a little confusing, so we are going to show you how to change color schemes in Planet Zoo.

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Changing object color schemes in Planet Zoo

One thing you need to know about changing color schemes in Planet Zoo is that not all objects can be colored. Some construction objects and facilities have a single color that cannot be changed, unfortunately.

If an object can have its color scheme changed, scroll to the bottom of the info panel on the bottom right side, and you should see a palette with a button next to it. Click on the button to open up the color selector, allowing you to change the color scheme of the object. Take a look at our blue gorilla statue!

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Note that you can also change the color of an object even if you have already placed it down. Click on the object to select it, then in the toolbar that pops up near the top right corner of the screen, there should be that same palette button.

Now, it can be a little confusing trying to tell which objects can change color and which cannot. Rather than trying each object individually, you can set your filter to show only objects with customizable color schemes.

To do this, open the shop tab, select any category, then click on the filter button near the top of the shop panel. Select the Property tab under the filters, then check the Flexicolor option.

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You should now only see objects that can be colored in the shop panel, so have fun coloring and customizing your zoo to your heart’s content!

Changing staff color schemes in Planet Zoo

In addition to changing the color schemes of objects, Planet Zoo’s latest update now allows you to assign customizable staff uniforms.

There are two ways to change your staff uniform colors. The first way is to color an individual staff member, and you can do this by clicking on the staff and then changing the colors from the info panel.

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If you want multiple staff members to be in uniform, you can apply one color scheme to all staff members of a single job type. Open your zoo’s finance management tab and go to your Staff section, then go to the Staff Uniforms tab.

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On this panel, you can change all four color choices for all Vets, Keepers, Educators, and so forth. This is useful if you are running a large zoo and have lots of different staff members, but you still want them to be color-coordinated.

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How to Change Color Scheme in Planet Zoo