How to Change Appearance in Undestroyed: Shadow ARPG


Roguelike games have managed to become extremely popular in recent times, but this wasn’t always the case, as the genre wasn’t particularly popular a few years ago, when people were usually more into simpler games, especially on mobile.

If the genre has managed to become so popular is also thanks to games like Undestroyed: Shadow ARPG, which combine typical roguelike mechanics with fast-paced action combat and engaging platforming. Some games also go a step further and incorporate features seen in much different games, like the ability to change the controlled character’s appearance.

Can this be done in Undestroyed: Shadow ARPG? Let’s find out.

How to Change Appearance in Undestroyed: Shadow ARPG

Changing appearance in Undestroyed: Shadow ARPG is definitely a thing, as, even before the game was released as an early access game, developer Dreamplay Games highlighted how it would be one of the core mechanics of the game.

To change your character’s appearance in Undestroyed: Shadow ARPG, before the start of a run, you will have to access the special Battle Body system, which not only lets you change your character’s appearance but also customize his combat performance with Ability Cards. Doing so will be extremely important, as the game gets progressively harder the further you go, and you will need all the help you can get to bring the light back to this bleak world where only rogue machines roam!

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How to Change Appearance in Undestroyed: Shadow ARPG


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