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How to Catch the Rarest Pals in Palworld | Tips & Guide

How to Catch the Rarest Pals in Palworld | Tips & Guide
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Much like any other monster collection game, Palworld has plenty of Pals that are harder to catch than others. Some are even so rare that most players wouldn’t know about them if gaming media wasn’t a thing. But what are the rarest?

More importantly, you probably want to know how to catch the rarest Pals in Palworld. That’s where we come in! We’ll give you a thorough overview of every rare Pal in the game and tell you where to get them. One of those Pals is also the fastest flying mount in the game, so beware of spoilers if you go to that article before this one! Now, let’s see which Pals are the rarest in Palworld and how you can get them.

The Rarest Pals in Palworld (And How to Get Them)

Here are our top five picks for the rarest Paleworld pals!


Grizzbolt in Palworld
Image via Palworld Wiki

Grizzbolt might not be exceedingly rare, but it has certain specificities that make this Pal harder to obtain. Firstly, the Pal is by no means common, so you’ll need some luck before you catch it. Secondly, Grizzbolt is only available in the Pal Sanctuary, which is a protected area where Pal capturing is prohibited. Finally, the Pal is at a default level of 20, making it quite formidable against beginners and even mid-game players.

To catch a Grizzbolt, head to the Pal Sanctuary and make sure you arrive during the night. This will allow you to hunt for Pals in the area without being caught. After battling the Pal, use a Giga Sphere to catch it—it’s the only way to be sure! Another way to get a Grizzbolt is to pair a Rayhound with a Mossanda.


Kitsun in Palworld
Image by Palworld Wiki

Here’s another Pal that isn’t so much rare as it is hard to locate. Why? Kitsun is easily scared and will run away as soon as it gets a hint of your presence. In that case, the Pal will run off into a cave, lowering your chances of catching it.

If you’re setting out to capture a Kitsun, don’t forget to be stealthy. It would be best to set out at night to maximize your chances. You’ll find this Pal in the northeast of Palpagos, near the mountain.


Lovander in Palworld
Image via Palworld Wiki

Lovander dwells in deserts and doesn’t get out during the day. This Pal will be easier or harder to catch depending on the desert. To that end, deserts in the center of the map will house easier-to-catch Lovanders, while those in the northeast will present a much greater challenge.

If you’re going Lovander-hunting in the northeast, bring at least a Hyper Sphere. Otherwise, a Giga Sphere will do.


Digtoise in Palworld
Image via Palworld Wiki

Digtoise isn’t only a rare Pal, but a very powerful one at that. It’s capable of defeating enemies with ease and mining without effort. However, to take advantage of all this, you’ll need to get your hands on this Pal first.

To get a Digtoise, keep in mind that the Pal is particularly vulnerable to Grass elements. Go to the southeastern Palpagos Island and find a Digtoise. Engage it in combat and you should be able to catch it with relative ease.


Loupmoon in Palworld
Image via Palworld Wiki

Loupmoon isn’t only a rare collector’s Pal, but a mighty asset when it comes to combat. This wildly powerful Dark element Pal is a force of nature. However, you won’t encounter it before you reach level 15.

Once you’re at level 15 or higher, head to the Broncherry or the Bamboo Grove. You’ll find Loupmoon in these areas, but only after nightfall. A tier-three Sphere will suffice when catching the creature, and you shouldn’t have too many issues whittling it down in combat.

This concludes our list on the rarest Pals in Palworld and how to catch them. If you can think of some other exceptional examples, let us know in the comments! And in the meantime, check out our other Game Guides for more tips!

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How to Catch the Rarest Pals in Palworld | Tips & Guide