Catching Paper Lantern Bugs in Palia
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How to Catch the Paper Lantern Bug in Palia

Learn how to catch the Paper Lantern Bug in Palia with the best locations where you can find them!

Have you ever been mesmerized by fireflies on a warm summer night? Well, get ready to be blown away by Paper Lantern Bugs in Palia! These insects are much bigger than the fireflies we’re used to in real life, and the light show they put on under the starry skies of Palia can be quite beautiful because these bugs look like actual, colorful paper lanterns.

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You will need these flying insects to complete the Mine Mystery quest, but you might also want to sell them for gold or just catch them for fun. If you’re confused about where to find them or how to catch the Paper Lantern Bug in Palia, this guide brings you all the answers.

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Where to Find Paper Lantern Bugs in Palia

Paper Lantern Bug location in Palia
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You can find Paper Lantern Bugs in Palia if you explore the coast of Bahari Bay. The specific locations where I encountered most of them include Lighthouse Lagoon, Beachcomber Cove, and Coral Shores. Alternatively, you can also hunt for Paper Lantern Bugs in the northern forests of this region, including the areas like Proudhorn Pass, Statue Garden, The Outskirts, Thorny Thicket, and the Flooded Steps.

Since these bugs are nocturnal, you can only catch them between 6 p.m. and 3 a.m. in-game time.

How to Catch Paper Lantern Bugs in Palia

To catch Paper Lantern Bugs in Palia, you will need to know how they behave when approached. They usually just float peacefully through the air, but if they notice you or get alerted by Smoke Bombs, Paper Lantern Bugs will start jumping up and down as they fly, which makes aiming with Smoke Bombs a bit challenging.

However, they still fly rather slowly, and if you have any experience with catching bugs in this beautiful life simulator, it shouldn’t be too difficult to bring these blue insects down long enough for you to press F and loot.

It doesn’t matter what type of bug-catching belt you have on—you’re guaranteed to catch Paper Lantern Bugs even with the Makeshift Belt.

Good luck, and don’t forget to come back to our dedicated Palia section here on TouchTapPlay if you need more assistance with the huge open world of Palia!

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How to Catch the Paper Lantern Bug in Palia