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How To Catch Shiny Porygon Pokémon Go

How To Catch Shiny Porygon Pokémon Go

Porygon has always been one of the most interesting Pokémon from generation 1. Technically not an organic being, Porygon can revert to its program data form and enter cyberspace, which is super cool! It’s normally sporting a pink and cyan color scheme, but the shiny version is purple and pink. Today, we’ll show you how to catch shiny Porygon in Pokémon Go!

Catching Shiny Porygon in Pokémon Go

There’s no special trick to finding a shiny Porygon randomly, as it’s like encountering any other shiny Pokémon—you just have to get lucky enough to find one.

Thankfully for you, this is probably the best day to go hunting for a shiny Porygon. Why is today the best day? That’s because it’s Tuesday, and you know what that means—it’s Spotlight Hour day!

Starting today, November 15, at 6 to 7 PM local time zone, Spotlight Hour for Porygon will go into effect. If you’re unfamiliar, Spotlight Hours always focus on a single Pokémon, making them appear much more frequently in the wild. You also gain more Candy, Stardust, and XP for catching them.

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So, grab your gear and get ready to go on an adventure at 6 PM in your time zone. If you want, you can also just sit at home and use Incense to attract wild Pokémon to your location. Make sure to stop by some PokéStops so that you can also use a Lure Module on them.

Porygon is a normal-type Pokémon, and it can learn a wide variety of moves. For fast moves, it can learn Charge Beam and Hidden Power. For charged moves, it can learn Hyper Beam, Solar Beam, and Zap Cannon. That’s quite the range!

That concludes our guide on how to catch shiny Porygon in Pokémon Go. If you have any other tips or questions on finding a shiny Porygon, let us know in the comments below!

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How To Catch Shiny Porygon Pokémon Go


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