How to Catch Red Snapper in Stardew Valley


Stardew Valley remains one of the finest simulation games with millions of players on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and of course mobile. There’s a lot you can do in the game from rearing domestic animals, going fishing, and gathering useful resources to help you survive.

And like many other farming simulators, the game has a ton of mini-games where players will have to go fishing and try to capture as many fishes as they can. From Eel, Walleye to Catfish and many others. So in this guide, we’ll be showing you how to catch Red Snapper in Stardew Valley.

How to Catch Red Snapper in Stardew Valley

Unlike some of the aforementioned fishes, the Red Snapper is a pretty easy fish to catch in Stardew Valley. However, there is still some information you need to know before attempting to catch one.


First off, you ought to know that the Red Snapper is only available to catch in the ocean or on the Beach Farm when you make your farm plot. And like a lot of other fishes, the Red Snapper can only be captured when it’s rainy and it has to be between 6 AM and 7 PM.

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Some fishes appear at midnight but that’s not the case with the Red Snapper and like the Eel, the Red Snapper only appears during the summer and fall seasons. So if you’re all set to capture a Red Snapper but you’re lacking a bit of rain, then be sure to use a Rain Totem to bring the rain to you.

Other Ways of Getting a Red Snapper in Stardew Valley

And if despite using a Rain Totem and meeting all the necessary criteria and you’re still unable to get a Red Snapper, you can use a Magic Bait to speed things up. This item allows you to catch a fish regardless of the season, time of day, or weather conditions.

Alternatively, you can check the garbage cans around the valley as you might get lucky and stumble across a Red Snapper and other fishes like Walleye, Catfish, and Eel. However, going fishing when you meet all criteria is the easiest way to get a particular fish that you want.

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How to Catch Red Snapper in Stardew Valley


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