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How to Catch Lucky Pals in Palworld

Learm about lucky pals in this Palworld guide.

Palworld has done a good job with lucky pals. Unlike shiny Pokémon, which are only hyped for their cosmetic purposes, lucky pals come with a passive trait called “lucky,” granting them extra attack power and work speed. So how can you catch lucky pals in Palworld? Let’s find out.

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If you have played Pokémon, you might know about shiny Pokémon or perhaps have been extremely lucky to encounter a shiny. Palworld, a Pokémon-inspired survival game with elements from various popular games, also comes with a feature similar to shiny Pokémon. Instead of calling them shiny, Palworld calls them lucky pals.

Palworld: Lucky Pals Guide

Palworld pals roaming in world
This pal would have been bigger, if it was a lucky pal (Screenshot via TouchTapPlay)

Unfortunately, lucky pals are completely random in Palworld. There is no guaranteed way to encounter a lucky pal. I was only able to find one lucky pal after playing Palworld for 8 hours. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough pal spheres to catch it.

Since lucky pals are entirely random, how do you find them? Well, the only way is by exploring. The Palpagos Island is so huge that some players are using Palworld mods to gain full access to the map instantly. Players interested in catching a lucky pal will have the best chance by exploring the map to find pals.

Lucky pals are hard to miss. They have a glowing aura and a bigger size than the normal pals. You will also get an audio cue when next to a lucky pal in Palworld.

Catching a lucky pal isn’t very different from regular pals. However, you don’t want to slip up on the rare opportunity like me if you can encounter a lucky pal. Be sure to stock up on lots of pal spheres to capture the lucky pal.

Why are Lucky Pals better?

Lucky pals come with an improved active ability compared to their normal variants. They also gain a 15% attack bonus and a 15% work speed bonus. You can choose to turn them into powerful combatants for your expeditions or use them as an efficient pal for your farming needs.

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How to Catch Lucky Pals in Palworld