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Best Palworld Mods to Download

Best Palworld Mods to Download
Image via Nexus Mods
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One of the best aspects of a game arriving on PC is the mod support, and this holds true for the crazy Pokémon-inspired survival game called Palworld. Shortly after its release, Palworld garnered immense support from the modding community, amassing a substantial collection of mods.

As of now, there are well over 200 mods available for Palworld on PC. Some of these mods introduce quality-of-life features that many players desire in Palworld, while others completely overhaul the game by incorporating new models, altering the appearance of pals, and more. There was even a mod that transformed the game into Pokémon by changing pals into popular Pokémon and the character into Ash Ketchum.

Unsurprisingly, this mod was eventually taken down. Apart from this, there are several other remarkable Palworld mods. Here are some of the best Palworld mods you should explore right now:

5 Best Mods for Palworld

1) Carry Weight Increase

Palworld - Carry Weight Increase mod
Image via Nexus Mods

One of the initial challenges most players encounter in Palworld is the restricted carry weight. Without leveling up your weight-carrying capacity, exploration in this vast open-world game can be quite arduous. If you collect too many items, you may exceed the equip load, resulting in slowed or completely incapacitated movement. Avoiding this is challenging, especially since common items like stones are already quite heavy.

The Carry Weight Increase mod significantly boosts the maximum equip load while also reducing the weight of many heavy items. Most players will appreciate this mod, as some items can be excessively heavy in Palworld.

Download Carry Weight Increase mod from here.

2) AlwaysFastTravel

Palworld - Fastravel mod
Image via Nexus Mods

Palworld features an incredibly vast map, which has both advantages and disadvantages. While players enjoy a vast area to explore and discover pals, traversing the Palpagos Islands can be exhausting. Players only have a few fast travel points, typically 400-500 meters apart. With the AlwaysFastTravel mod, players can teleport to any point on the map.

Download AlwaysFastTravel mod from here.

3) MapUnlocker

Palworld - MapUnlocked mod
Image via Nexus Mods

Initially, Palworld may not seem to have an expansive open world, as there are only a few spawn points. However, as players start exploring, they will realize just how extensive the map is. If you don’t want to spend your time unlocking the entire map, simply download the MapUnlocker mod for Palworld. MapUnlocker unlocks the entire map of the Palpagos Island in Palworld. However, it won’t unlock the fast travel points. Players can use the AlwaysFastTravel mod to help with that.

Download MapUnlocker mod from here.

4) Remove flying stamina cost

Palworld - Remove flying stamina
Image via Nexus Mods

What truly contributed to Palworld’s success is the interaction with pals. Every Palworld has a purpose, whether it’s for farming, weaponry, or exploration. Some pals can be transformed into mounts and ridden on the ground and in the sky.

As players progress in the game, they unlock mounts for flying pals, allowing them to travel through the sky. However, the issue with this is the stamina cost, making this feature somewhat impractical for long journeys. The Remove Flying Stamina Cost mod is a must-have for players who enjoy flying in Palworld.

Download Remove flying stamina cost mod from here.

5) Enhanced Palworld Visuals

Palworld - improved graphics
Image via Nexus Mods

Enhanced Palworld Visuals is a straightforward Palworld mod that aims to enhance the game’s graphics. Although Palworld doesn’t necessarily require a visual upgrade, this mod sharpens the visuals and improves the foggy effect to make the game look less blurry and more appealing to our eyes.

Download this mod from here.

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Best Palworld Mods to Download