How to Capture Mûmakil in LOTR: Rise to War


In virtually all Lord of the Rings media, Mûmakil—the massive, elephantine war beasts utilized by the Haradrim—are a force to be reckoned with. This holds true in Rise to War, where Mûmakil are easily the strongest unit utilized by any of the evil-aligned factions. So, how do you get Mûmakil in Lord of the Rings: Rise to War?

The short answer is that you have to capture a special tile called a Mûmakil Camp. There are a limited number of these on each server, and they appear practically exclusively in the South Ithilien, Harondor, and Near Harad regions, all towards the south of the map. Once you capture one of these, you can hire Mûmakil from your barracks the same way you would any other unit, although they do cost gold as well.

The tricky part of getting a Mûmakil camp is that it’s a 640 power tile defended by two armies of level 50 units. Not only that, but the two armies are composed entirely of Mûmakil, which can be a difficult force to take down.

That said, using the right strategies can make Mûmakil camps much easier to deal with than your standard level 50 tile defenders. This is because, unlike with regular tiles or even other players, you can always count on fighting Mûmakil; this allows you to prepare for them without any doubts about fighting other units.

So, what are Mûmakil weak to? First off, their passive ability makes them hit everything on the battlefield with each attack. The obvious way to negate this is by going into battle using only one kind of troop. Mûmakil might as well not have a passive if you only have one kind of unit for them to hit.

Their other passive reduces physical damage by a hefty 15%. It’s possible to brute-force your way through that, but Mûmakil also have a massive 100 defense, so using various types of focus damage is a great way to slice through their defenses like a hot knife through butter.

Corsairs are a particularly good option because they have solid all-around stats and do pure fire damage, which goes completely unmitigated when you’re fighting Mûmakil. You could also use alchemists, which are another unit that deals pure fire damage. Alchemists are a lot frailer than corsairs, however, so ensure that you’re using a commander who can keep them alive.

Another option is to use tanky units like mountain trolls and do non-physical damage with a commander. The Shadow isn’t a bad pick for this, as much of his kit is geared around conversion to poison damage, though he generally works better against multiple types of units.

If you use enough commanders and armies that fit these criteria, a Mûmakil camp is as good as yours!

So How Do I Get Mûmakil?

To reiterate, hiring Mûmakil requires you to capture a special tile called a Mûmakil Camp, all of which are located at the southern end of the map. To do so, you’ll need to fight two armies of high-level defenders. Remember to use a single type of troop to avoid area damage and utilize non-physical damage units like corsairs to cut through these beefy elephants’ defenses!

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How to Capture Mûmakil in LOTR: Rise to War


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