How to Capture Fellbeast Easily in LOTR: Rise to War

If you are even somewhat familiar with the Lord of the Rings setting, you may know about Fellbeasts. These flying wyvern-like monstrosities are fighting on the evil side and serve as terrifying mounts for different commanders. In Lord of the Rings: Rise to War, you can get these creatures on your side. It is not an easy task, even for the evil side, which usually holds the land where you can find Fellbeasts. Today, we are going to help you to improve your army by adding these wyverns. This guide will tell you how to capture Fellbeasts easily in LotR: Rise to War.

How to Get Fellbeast Easily in LOTR: Rise to War

Fellbeasts in LotR: Rise to War are special units. This means that you can’t obtain them from your faction’s building, and will need to find the special tile. After you capture this land, you will be able to hire the special unit that belongs to it. In the case of Fellbeasts, you will need to capture Mountainous Lair. This is going to be a hard fight, so prepare your armies for this battle. But in case you manage to capture this tile, you will be able to get a significant advantage with these flying beasts.

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How to Capture Fellbeast Easily

Mountainous Lair in Lord of the Rings: Rise to War is a hard tile of land to take over. You will need to do a lot of preparations. The first thing you should worry about is the fact that the lair is guarded by the Fellbeasts themselves. They are flying creatures, and this serves as both their advantage and weakness.

Flying ability means that they are hard to hit with melee attacks but are vulnerable to range attacks. With this in mind, you and your friends need to prepare a few armies with a huge amount of range units and some tanky fighters for cover. Formations like this should do fine against Fellbeasts, and make the capturing of Mountainous Lair much easier.

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