Lord of the Rings: Rise to War is a mobile MMORTS game, and it has some of the standard strategy activities. Sieges of different fortified structures and keeps are one of these activities and it is quite a problematic thing to do. Many castles and fortresses are protected by walls and huge armies. So, you will need to work hard to capture one of those and we are going to give you some tips on how to do this. This guide will tell you how to capture a Keep in Lord of the Rings: Rise to War.

How to Capture a Keep

Capturing a Keep in Lord of the Rings: Rise to War is not a simple thing to do. You will need to prepare a lot of armies that include many variable units for different purposes. But to understand what is waiting for you in the keep you want to capture, you need to click on it. There you will see how many armies are waiting for you, how much time it takes for them to be replenished, and how many Siege Points the keep has. After you learn all this information you can start your preparations.

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The first thing you will need to do to capture a keep in Lord of the Rings: Rise to War is to defeat the armies that protect it. You should prepare units that are good at fighting with other units and start a swarm attack.

After the defenders’ armies were defeated, you have some time to damage the keep before the enemies will get their replenishment. For this task, you should use units that have good siege damage. After the keep’s Siege Points will be down to zero, you will be able to capture it. However, you should be careful as a failure will cost you lots of your resources.

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