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How to Call for a Screen in NBA 2k23

How to Call for a Screen in NBA 2k23

With the launch of NBA 2k23, there are a ton of new features to enjoy as well as try to remember how to use the existing ones from previous NBA 2k games.

Screen is one of those features that have been a part of NBA games for years and are used to create space for shooters in order to get them under the rim for the final shot. So in this article, we’ll be guiding you on how to call for a screen in NBA 2k23.

How to Call for a Screen in NBA 2k23

Calling for a screen in NBA 2k23 is pretty simple. Once you have the ball in the handler position, hold L1/LB. This will allow the centre, power forward or any other players nearby to move towards the handler and set up a screen.

You can also click the Left Stick to change the side of the screen to a specific direction you want to move. And when the screener is in position, you can choose to make them fade for a jump shot or roll towards the basket by pressing R1/RB.

While using the point forward or centre player to roll back into a specific lane, you can also set up a fake screen. You can do this by holding down L1/LB to call the screen and just as the screener is approaching the handler, press L1/LB once again to cancel the screen.

When should you call for a Screen in NBA 2k23?

Screens are usually done around the three-point line, usually granting the screener and the ball handler enough space to pull off the right play.

You should call for a screen if a defender is giving you a tough time. Calling for a screen will force the defender to make a decision and switch to the screener, giving your player enough space to make a shot.

Screen is a key aspect of basketball that’s usually called by a coach. NBA 2k23 is currently available on Xbox Series X and Series S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 5.

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How to Call for a Screen in NBA 2k23


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