How to Call an Airstrike in Fortnite

fortnite airstrike feature

The legendary air strike is back in Fortnite! First introduced in season 9, the Air Strike is a throwable item like a grenade or smoke bomb. It can cause major damage, each falling missile dealing 90 DMG to an opponent. It also causes 400 DMG to structures, perfect for taking down any opponent builds. 20 missiles are launched when the Air Strike is called and the barrage lasts for 8 seconds. Find out below how to find and use the Air Strike in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2.

How to Find and Use an Air Strike in Fortnite

Air Strikes come in Legendary (gold) rarity only. They can be found as floor loot, in regular or rare chests, and in a Supply Drop.

Find Air Strikes as floor loot, in chest, or supply drops (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

Players can carry a maximum of 4 Air Strikes at a time. To use them, the player can aim at an enemy or enemy structure and throw.

Throw the air strike where you need the rockets to rain down (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

Red smoke will appear and a siren will sound:

Red smoke and a siren will warn everyone an air strike is coming (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

Keep clear of the falling missiles or you will get caught up and receive damage. These can cause some great damage in the middle of a build fight as it causes damage to both opponents and their builds. Players have a few seconds to try to escape the area which can be achieved by sprinting, or using Shockwave Grenades or Launchpads.

Good luck!

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How to Call an Airstrike in Fortnite


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