How to Bunt in MLB: The Show 2022

MLB The Show 22

MLB: The Show 2022, like previous entries in the series, may not be the ultimate baseball simulation game, but this doesn’t mean that the game doesn’t attempt, and mostly succeeds, at creating a realistic yet fun video game recreation of the sport.

As such, the latest entry in the series allows players to employ all of the techniques that real players do use in actual baseball, such as the bunt batting technique. Here’s how to do it on Nintendo Switch.

How to Bunt in MLB: The Show 2022

MLB: The Show 2022 allows players to use the bunt batting technique by using a very simple button combination. While it is easy to use, this technique should be used sparingly, and only when you want to catch the opponent unaware, as using it over and over will make you become quite predictable.

To bunt in MLB: The Show 2022 on Nintendo Switch, all you need to do is hold the X button and aim with the right control stick. You will know you are doing things properly when the controller will start vibrating. This batting technique allows the batter to meet the ball with the bat without swinging it, creating weak contact that makes it difficult for opponents to react. Mastery of this technique will make you a better MLB: The Show 2022 player, so make sure to practice it to learn when to best use it!

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How to Bunt in MLB: The Show 2022


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