How to Build a Modern House in Minecraft – Guide and Ideas


The building possibilities in Minecraft are almost endless, and with suitable materials and a good imagination, you can build anything. But if you are not a god of construction in Minecraft, then some good tips would be helpful. After reading our article to the end, you will not only learn how to build a Modern House, but also understand the basic principles of building such houses.

How to Build a Modern House in Minecraft – Guide and Ideas

Creating a modern house in Minecraft is not a very difficult process, since modern houses have simple geometric shapes, and the color scheme of the interior and exterior does not exceed 2 or 3 colors. The entire construction process can be divided into five stages, and we will talk in detail about each of them.

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Choice of materials

Кварц и гладкий кварц можно комбинировать, чтобы создать кирпичный рисунок в Minecraft (изображение через BoomGamingTH/Reddit)
To create a modern home, you should use smooth white materials such as white concrete or nether quartz. Also, you need to create contrast, and for that, you also need to use materials like black concrete. You should also use a lot of plants and wooden elements to create a comfortable atmosphere in the house.

Creation of the Foundation and Flooring

Контур или рамка могут позволить игроку визуализировать свою сборку (изображение через Mojang).
To build a foundation, use blocks to give the initial shape to your house. We advise you to immediately build a foundation, having prepared in advance a place for external terraces and all rooms. You don’t need to build walls yet, because if you want to change something, it will take a very long time to break all the walls.

Then do the flooring. For flooring, we recommend using different types of wood, as they look great against the background of absolutely white walls.

Constructing the Walls and Windows

Дизайн большого открытого окна в современном доме (Изображение от Mojang)
Building up the walls leaves plenty of room for large windows. Walls are also needed, but it is better to put quartz columns between the windows.

Never use ordinary glass to install windows. It is much better to use glass plates of dark colors.

Interior Decoration

Роскошный современный интерьер с диванами и камином (Изображение от Mojang)
Interior decoration should be simple and at the same time stylish. Interior walls can be made of wood, but don’t forget about contemporary decor. For lighting, instead of torches and lanterns, it is better to use end lights and lamps, and a large fireplace will be a great addition to lighting. It is also worth placing several plants, paintings, and quartz sofas in the house.

Outer Exterior Decoration

Добавление зелени к экстерьеру добавляет размерности зданию, подчеркивая его форму (изображение с сайта
After completing the interior decoration of the house, you can move to the street to decorate the building outside. In modern architecture, a lot of plants are used in the construction of houses, and you need to follow this tradition. Build a foliage hedge, or plant a few trees.

Optionally, you can place a small swimming pool with glass walls, and build illuminated stairs leading to the house.

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How to Build a Modern House in Minecraft – Guide and Ideas


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