In Minecraft, you can build almost anything! In this guide, we will tell you how easy it is to build a helicopter.

Step-by-Step Guide to Build a Helicopter in Minecraft

To begin with, you should put 3 slabs of smooth stone, then put side steps of stone bricks and again 2 slabs of smooth stone. Then put another 1 step and again 3 plates. Do the same on the other side, at a distance of 3 blocks.

Connect the first steps with 3 smooth stone slabs, then put 2 more slabs in the middle and again connect the second steps with 3 slabs. Next, put 6 more slabs in the front, and 1 in the middle. On the left and right, put 3 blocks of gray concrete and connect them in front as one.

Next, you should put 2 more concrete blocks in the middle and break the very first one in the middle. Then put 3 blocks of glass. Then, starting from a slab of smooth stone, put 3 blocks of concrete and break the lowest one, and then extend them by 3 blocks to the left. Do the same on the other side.

At the back, connect the concrete in the middle and extend it back by 1 block. Extend 5 more blocks back from the top block of concrete. From the end to the glass block, make a strip of concrete, and to the left and right of this strip, make 1 strip of smooth stone slabs.

From the penultimate block on the top left, break 1 block and put a glass block. Do the same on the other side. 

Next, make the tail of the helicopter. At the end of the helicopter on concrete, you should first put 1 slab of smooth stone, then 2, and finally 3 slabs. Slightly below these slabs, put 3 slabs on each side of the concrete.

Place a cobblestone above the glass panel on a concrete block, and a cobblestone wall on it. And extend this wall of cobblestone by 10 blocks in all directions. As a result, you will get a large main rotor of the helicopter in Minecraft. Put iron doors on each side of smooth stone slabs.

Put stone buttons to the right and left of the iron doors. Inside the helicopter, also put 2 buttons on top so that you can exit. Put a lever in front, and behind it, just put steps made of oak wood. This will be the pilot’s seat. And the final touch is to make lanterns. For this, we put 2 frames on the concrete and put a glowing stone in the frames. And we have such a cool helicopter.

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