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How to Build a Custom Car in Lego 2K Drive

How to Build a Custom Car in Lego 2K Drive
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Lego 2K Drive brings us all the action of a racing game combined with the creativity and excitement of a Lego building set! One special feature of this latest driving game is the ability to create your own vehicle using Lego bricks which can actually be found in your own box of Lego. The vehicle you build can then be used to drive around Bricklandia and enter races against friends! Let’s explore how to build a custom car in Lego 2K Drive.

Creating Vehicles in Lego 2K Drive

The Lego brand mission has always been to “inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow” and Lego 2K Drive is no different. All kinds of vehicles straight from your imagination can be built in the Garage using parts only found in the world of Lego. This also means it is possible to build these dream vehicles in your own home, using your own bricks!

You can build cars or boats only you can dream up, or you could modify vehicles already available in the collection. If you are not confident enough yet to come up with your own designs, there is always the option to choose a guided build which gives you a step-by-step guide to building a new creation. Once you get the hang of it you will be ready to custom-build your own Lego 2K Drive vehicle.

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Making a custom vehicle is as simple as snapping the bricks together at home. When you land on the home screen you will see some options: Play, Play With Friends, The Garage, and more. To start creating, click on The Garage. The Lego 2K Drive Garage holds every vehicle you have won and unlocked, plus all you will create. It is also possible to access the Garage by driving into one while playing Story Mode of the Shared World.

Image via LEGO

Creating a Custom Vehicle in Lego 2K Drive

When in the Garage, tap on Create to get started on a new vehicle. This option lets you choose which type of vehicle you want to create. Choose from Street, Off-Road, and Water. Next, either tap on Body Shop, or choose the first piece, such as the car chassis. In the Body Shop you will have the following options:

  • Build – placing bricks and creating the main shape of your vehicle.
  • Group – locking bricks together to create one main piece.
  • Paint – coloring any pieces whatever colors you like and in any finish you see fit.
  • Customize – add animations, stickers, and more to make this a truly unique vehicle.

Lego 2K Drive gives you all the freedom you could want when making your own car or boat. You can choose larger tires on one axle and smaller ones on another, and you can even choose what horn and engine sound it has! The design options are amazing so make sure you explore each one before moving on.

Once your vehicle has all its Lego bricks in the right places you can start working on its stats to determine the power it has in a race. Stats are not available all at once and will need to be unlocked as you play, or purchased with Brick Bucks. The stats include:

  • Top Speed
  • Acceleration
  • Handling
  • Health
  • Melee Power
  • Weight

As soon as your vehicle is ready and you are happy with the end result you can Save it in the Options menu. Your new creation will be kept in the Showroom in the Garage where you can modify it some more if you need to! There doesn’t seem to be a limit on how many custom cars you can create in Lego 2K Drive so get building!

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How to Build a Custom Car in Lego 2K Drive