Home Game Guides Does Lego 2K Drive Have Wheel Support? Answered

Does Lego 2K Drive Have Wheel Support? Answered

Does Lego 2K Drive Have Wheel Support? Answered
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There is no better feeling than the wind rushing through your blocks as you overtake your opponent on the Bricklandia race course. Lego 2K Drive promises the ultimate Lego driving experience across race tracks, off-road terrain, and even open waters in race after thrilling race! Many players have been wondering if they could enhance their driving experience by using a driving wheel instead of a controller to really immerse themselves in Lego 2K Drive. Let’s explore whether Lego 2K Drive has wheel support.

Has wheel support for Lego 2K Drive been announced?

Lego 2K Drive is being announced for release across all platforms: Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Series X/S, Playstation 4 and 5, and PC. The racing multiplayer will include co-op and competitive modes, split screen and six-player online play. It is intended to be a casual game but we know some of you take this very seriously, especially when facing off against friends and family, so you may be looking for something to give you an edge against the competition.

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A racing wheel can turn your gaming experience into something far more immersive and exciting, so imagine how it can transform Lego 2K Drive. If you have either the wheel on it sown, or the full driving wheel and pedals set, you will probably want to try it out with your new game. Unfortunately there is no news yet about whether Lego 2K Drive is going to be compatible with any driving wheels.

Image via LEGO

Of course, if you are going to be purchasing Lego 2K Drive for the Nintendo Switch the controllers may well work just as they do with Mario Kart with gyroscope motion sensors. For now, however, we are going to have to wait for news from Lego on whether Lego 2K Drive will have wheel support.

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Does Lego 2K Drive Have Wheel Support? Answered