How to Breed Rabbits in Minecraft

Rabbits in Minecraft are neutral mobs that give skin, rabbit meat, and, with a 10% probability, a rabbit’s foot. These cute beasts inhabit forests, taiga, deserts, and cold snowy biomes. Most often they appear one at a time, but sometimes there are groups of three with small rabbits. In the desert, compared to other biomes, the likelihood of encountering them is slightly higher. Indeed, in the forest and taiga, there are wolves who love hunting them.

Minecraft Rabbit Breeding Guide

Lure a couple of rabbits into your farm and feed them carrots or dandelions. Hearts will fly over the animals, and soon a bunny will appear nearby. It will grow to an adult in about 15-20 minutes. The color of the small rabbit usually matches the color of one of the parents. Remember that wolves attack rabbits, so take care of the protection of the farm.

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By the way, if you put a tag with the name “Toast” on a rabbit, the animal will get a unique black and white color. When breeding, the rabbit will not inherit such a color but will receive the original tone of the parent’s coat. Ryan Holtz, one of the developers of Minecraft, added this original skin to the game in honor of the pet of one of the users of the Reddit forum.

Why You Should Breed Rabbits in Minecraft

  • Roasted rabbit satisfies three units of hunger.
  • Four rabbit skins produce one sheet of skin.
  • The Rabbit’s Foot is needed to make the Bouncing Potion.

Fried rabbit meat is used to prepare a rabbit stew, which satisfies 5 units of hunger.

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