How to Breed Pigs in Minecraft

One of the main tasks in Minecraft is to find food for yourself. You can solve the problem with food of plant or animal origin. So, pigs can become a reliable source of meat for you and will not let you die of hunger.

Like sheep, pigs in the world of Minecraft appear in the world where lighting is higher than 9. They exist in herds of 4-5 individuals. But what to do if you want to have your own pig farm? Well, in this guide, we will tell you how to breed them.

Minecraft Pigs Breeding Guide

By building your own pig farm, you can have an automatic production of meat. To lure animals to your site, approach them with beetroots, potatoes, or carrots in your hand. The pigs will follow you.

When pigs are in the right place, feed them beetroots, carrots, or potatoes. After you do this, the pigs will start to mate. Soon a piglet will appear, which will grow to a mature pig in about 15-20 minutes.

A killed pig drops from one to three pieces of raw meat. Uncooked meat satisfies only two units of hunger. If pieces of meat are fried and eaten, they will replenish four units at once. You can also get cooked bacon in another way. If a pig dies from fire or is killed with a sword or bow enchanted to the flame, fried meat will immediately drop out of it as a drop.

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