How to Breed Frogs in Minecraft

a silver frog in minecraft

In today’s article we will teach you how to breed frogs in Minecraft. Minecraft has a lot of adorable animals throughout its maps, but none may be as cute as the frogs. These little hoppers can be found in specific biomes and come with a special ability that most players will find very handy. Like most of the other fauna in-game, you can breed frogs. Here is how to go about it.

How To Collect Slimeballs In Minecraft

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an orange frog in minecraft

Your first step is to go and farm for slime balls by killing slime monsters. These are a frog’s favorite treat and are required for the breeding process. Frogs eat actual slime monsters, so taking one on a leash to dungeons later will be very helpful.

Where To Find Frogs In Minecraft

After you collect your slimes, seek out either a Mangrove or Swamp biome, as this is where frogs spawn. When you find two frogs, feed them both the slimes. If you did it correctly, you’ll see the hearts above their heads. After that, the frog carrying the little ones inside will find a body of water to lay the tadpole eggs in. The babies should hatch in 6 minutes. The pregnant frog might take a few minutes to make it to the water, so the entire process should take about 8 to 10 minutes.

How To Raise Tadpoles In Minecraft

an orange frog laying eggs in minecraft

When the tadpoles are born, they’ll be tiny and as such, prone to being eaten by predators, specifically axolotls. Therefore it is recommended you use a bucket to move them to a smaller body of water for safety. You can help them grow up by feeding them slimes just like with the adult frogs.

How To Get Frog Colors In Minecraft

a silver frog eating slimes in minecraft

Frogs come in three different colors (orange, silver or green) depending on where the tadpoles grow. Green frogs grow in cold biomes (such as the snowy slopes), grey frogs grow in temperate biomes like forests, and orange frogs grow in tropical biomes like jungles. Frogs are very much worth breeding for their incredible ability to devour slimes. In fact, if they eat magma cubes, they’ll spawn shiny decorative blocks that can be used for sprucing up builds. The color of the block will depend on the frog.

How To Use Frogs In The Nether In Minecraft

These precious little warriors are the perfect companion to either bring to the nether or on any adventure. Let them off their lead and watch in amazement as they devour slime monsters. They are an excellent addition to Minecraft.

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How to Breed Frogs in Minecraft


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