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How to Break the Seal of the Abyss with Maruto in Vampire Survivors

How to Break the Seal of the Abyss with Maruto in Vampire Survivors
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The second stage in Vampire Survivors’ Tides of the Foscari DLC is called Abyss Foscari, and it is unlocked by destroying a special crystal hidden nestled in Lake Foscari. Maruto has a special unlock objective within Abyss Foscari, so here is how to break the Seal of the Abyss with Maruto in Vampire Survivors.

Using Maruto to break Abyss Foscari’s seal in Vampire Survivors

Assuming you are starting from scratch with the Tides of the Foscari DLC content, breaking the Seal of the Abyss is a very convoluted process, so we are here to walk you through each individual step.

Unlocking Eleanor Uziron and Maruto Cuts

The first step is to unlock Eleanor, the starting character in Tides of the Foscari. To unlock her, you have to open her coffin, located in the northwestern corner of Lake Foscari. Check out our guide on finding and opening Lake Foscari’s coffin for more details.

Once you have Eleanor, you need to play as her and level her up to at least level 20. She receives SpellStream at level 10, and SpellStrike at level 20. These unite with SpellString into Spellstrom, which also unlocks Maruto as a playable character.

Unlocking Keitha Muort and Abyss Foscari

The next step is to play as Maruto, who starts with a sword called Eskizzibur. You must evolve it into Legionnaire by leveling up Armor all the way, which unlocks Keitha Muort as a playable character.

Play as Keitha and go to Lake Foscari. You must evolve her Flash Arrow into Millionaire by leveling up both the Clover and Bracer all the way. Check out our guide on evolving Flash Arrow for more details.

Head to the northeastern corner of the stage to find the titular lake, and look for a small peninsula—it is also marked on your map with a question mark. There is a big green crystal at the end of the peninsula, so destroy it with Millionaire to unlock Abyss Foscari, a new stage.

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Breaking the Seal of the Abyss with Maruto

Now, you are ready to break the Seal of the Abyss. Play as Maruto, then head into Abyss Foscari. Farm for level ups until you are able to evolve the Eskizzibur into Legionnaire once more.

When you are ready, open your map and look for another question mark, which is the location of the Seal of the Abyss. The seal is another crystal, but this time it is red. The Legionnaire can destroy the red crystal, which completes the “break the Seal of the Abyss” challenge, and permanently reveals another section of Abyss Foscari.

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How to Break the Seal of the Abyss with Maruto in Vampire Survivors


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