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How to Befriend Dinos in Paleo Pines – Tips for using the Flute

How to Befriend Dinos in Paleo Pines – Tips for using the Flute
credit to Italic Pig
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When you start Paleo Pines, you’ll have your canon dinosaur Lucky with you, but you can befriend other dinosaurs too! There are so many to choose from that you should explore the map every day, as there are always different ones. Bonding with one requires the use of sound through that special flute you have. Dinosaurs love music, so this is your key to friendship. This is how to befriend dinosaurs in Paleo Pines.

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How To Find Dinosaurs In Paleo Pines

The best thing you can do to scout out groups of dinosaurs is to stray off the path. Paleo Pines isn’t really a linear game, so you can explore as much as much as you can. You can even occasionally find some that are rare colors too. They may be afraid of you at first, but with some special help, that will quickly change.

What You Need For Friendship Making In Paleo Pines

Playing the flute in Paleo Pines
Credit to Italic Pig

When exploring, you might want to keep a variety of different poffins with you in case you come upon a new dinosaur. You see, nothing tames a beast more than a tasty snack. It’s the key to completing a bonding process. Their attention to you isn’t free after all! Trained dinosaurs will follow you right on home If you want a specific dinosaur, make sure to find out what poffin it likes, as each one has different preferences.

How Many Dinosaurs Are There In Paleo Pines

If you’ve got a favorite dinosaur that you’re hoping to see here, chances are you’ll be thrilled, as there are over 10 different species that roam the wilds of the area. And that’s just the confirmed ones, you’re sure to find more of them out there you didn’t expect!

How To Use The Flute In Paleo Pines

Are you good at rhythm games? Can you shred in Beat Saber? If so, you’re going to be really good at this because the bonding system is basically just that. It can be tricky, so you might have to try a few times to get it right.

lucky from paleo pines
Credit to Italic Pig

What you do is find the dinosaur you want to bond with. Open up your inventory to get out the flute. To get their attention, play the red note three times. Now you’ve got them focused on you. Just a heads up, you can only do this during the day, as the dinosaurs will immediately go to sleep at night and you can’t really hold their attention while they’re sleeping.

Taming dinosaurs in Paleo Pines isn’t easy, but with practice, you’ll get it in no time! Now go play it!

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How to Befriend Dinos in Paleo Pines – Tips for using the Flute