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How to Become Quincy in Roblox Type Soul

How to Become Quincy in Roblox Type Soul
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The Quincy are gifted beings that are able to sense wayward souls and Hollows. In Roblox TYPE://SOUL, they are a special class that has exclusive access to unique skills and moves. If you are interested in joining the ranks of the Quincy, we can show you how to become Quincy in Roblox TYPE://SOUL.

Becoming a Quincy in Roblox TYPE://SOUL

TYPE://SOUL advertises that you can become either a Hollow hunting Soul Reaper or a mighty Arrancar, but did you know that there is a secret third option? Yes, you can become a mystical bow-wielding Quincy.

Before you can become a Quincy in Roblox TYPE://SOUL, you must be killed at least once. When you die for the first time in TYPE://SOUL, you become a Lost Soul, denoted by the chain attached to your chest. Once you are a Lost Soul, you are ready to become a Quincy.

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In Karakura, there is a small park located in one section of the city. Around one of the corners outside the park, there is a dark tunnel that leads into a secret gateway, but the gateway only opens every 10, 20, 40, and 50 minutes after the hour. For example, if it is 1 PM, the gateway opens at 1:10, 1:20, 1:40, and 1:50.

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Once you see a shining blue gateway appear, walk into it to enter another dimension. Follow the stone path forward, go through the archway, and you should see a statue surrounded by stone pillars. Go to the statue and interact with it, then select the “I worship the king” response.

And with that, you are now officially a Quincy. As a Quincy, you can press the TAB key to switch between your sword and bow weapons. Your bow runs on ammo that regenerates on its own over time, as shown above your health bar.

As a Quincy, you also have access to a special passive ability known as Blut; BlutVene increases your defense, and BlutArterie increases your attack power, but only one can be active at a time. Your current active Blut is shown underneath your ammo count, and you can press the U key to switch between them.

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How to Become Quincy in Roblox Type Soul