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How to Get Shikai in Roblox Type Soul

How to Get Shikai in Roblox Type Soul
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Another Bleach-inspired Roblox game is here! Enter TYPE://SOUL, a new anime action RPG experience where Soul Reapers and Arrancar collide in a battle for supremacy. As a Soul Reaper, once you have trained enough, you can tap into your “Shikai” inner spirit and unleash its full potential. Here is how to get Shikai in Roblox TYPE://SOUL.

Getting a Shikai in Roblox TYPE://SOUL

Like similar anime Roblox games, TYPE://SOUL drops you right into the middle of the action with little to no direction on what to do. Thankfully, we are here to guide you on the path of becoming a Soul Reaper, and ultimately unlocking a Shikai.

Becoming a Soul Reaper in Roblox TYPE://SOUL

First off, before you can get a Shikai, you must become a Soul Reaper first. To do so, if this is your first time playing TYPE://SOUL, you must die. Yes, you read that right—you must be slain in combat to release your spirit. Once you die through any means, you become a Lost Soul.

As a Lost Soul, you can now choose which path you want to walk down. You should also notice a gray chain sticking out of your chest now, which means your soul is trapped.

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There are two ways to becoming a Soul Reaper. The first way involves finding another player who is already a Soul Reaper; have them approach you and press the P key to purify you into a Soul Reaper.

The second way is to find a certain NPC. Head to the middle of Karakura to find a lake with a large bridge going through the middle. Look for a small island with a single tree and a mission board off to one of the sides—this is the direction we want to keep moving in.

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Walk up the wooden staircase on the sides and then keep going straight through the neighborhood. Eventually, you should reach a tunnel that leads to another section, so go through.

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Once you are in the new area, keep going down the path, then make a left at the intersection to find a large plaza. There is an NPC at the very end named Kisuke, and talk to him to become a Soul Reaper.

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Unlocking your Shikai in Roblox TYPE://SOUL

You are transported to Rukon upon becoming a Soul Reaper. Find a missions board, create a party, and then keep completing missions until you become a Grade 2 Soul Reaper. The next part requires a few hours, so be sure to set aside some time to complete it.

Once you are at least Grade 2, take out your sword and hit the M key to start meditating. Your character should sit down in a meditating pose, and text phrases start to fly across your screen. Follow the next steps carefully:

  • Meditate for 30 minutes. After you are done, your character stands up on their own.
  • Meditate for another 30 minutes. Your character stands up again once they are done.
  • Meditate for 30 minutes for the last time. This time, your character is sent to their inner world once they are done.

Inside the inner world, you can challenge your Shikai to a test of strength. Shikais are very tough, so make sure you utilize blocks (F key) and critical hits (R key) to power on through. If you manage to defeat your Shikai, it manifests into physical power for you, officially unlocking Shikai powers for your character. Congratulations!

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How to Get Shikai in Roblox Type Soul