Are you in search of the pets and items in Adopt Me Roblox? Do you want to get them free of charge? We have an excellent option for you! You will need to become a trash can. Then you will be able to visit the parties, and in the chat, please mention that you are a trash can, so they can deposit all the things they do not need. This way, you will be able to obtain multiple stuff for free. Do you want to know how to become a trash can? Let us guide you through this process!

​Step-by-Step Guide on Becoming a Trash Can in Adopt Me Roblox

Start with opening the game and go to the menu on the right; hit “Dress up.” Below a cap icon, you will be able to see an element that looks like a tail. The next step is to locate the search box. There please enter the word “trash.”

Then choose any of the appeared trash cans you like. Please hit on one of the cylinder-shaped circles that can be located in the list of icons allowing you to customize your appearance.

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Near the gingerbread cookie face, you will be able to see a blank square. This is how you will reach the state of invisibility.

The next step is to choose the icon in a cap and type “trash” once again. Pick one of the appeared lids, and congrats! You became trash. Please click on your name and type in the following phrase: “leave here the things you don’t want.”

Now get back to the game, go to the parties or any other spots with many people and obtain various things free of charge!

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