How to Become a Demon in Roblox Slayer Legacy

How to Become a Demon in Roblox Slayer Legacy

There are many interesting anime games created on Roblox servers, and Slayer Legacy is one of them. Starting your journey in the game, you have to make a difficult choice, becoming a demon or a demon slayer. If you decide to join the dark side and become a demon, you need to know how to do it, and today’s guide has been created to help you with this.

How to Become a Demon in Roblox Slayer Legacy

Wish alone is not enough to become a demon, and you will have to work hard to go to the side of darkness. But if you try, you can become a demon for half an hour in the game:

  • The first thing you need to do is go to any village or city.
  • Kill 10-15 peaceful NPCs.
  • Next, go to The Wilderness.
  • Passing next to the rock, you will see a large cave entrance that you need to enter.
  • You will see a large room with torches, and NPC Muzan Kibutsuji will be standing near the far wall. This character is the supreme demon of this world, and it is he who can make a demon of you.
  • Approach this NPC and talk to him. If you meet the condition and kill 10-15 peaceful NPCs, he will offer to become a demon.
  • Confirm your decision by clicking OK. But before you click, think again, because becoming a demon, you will not be able to turn into a human again, and the only decision is to delete the game data.

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How to Become a Demon in Roblox Slayer Legacy


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