BitLife is a popular Life Simulator mobile game that allows you to start your own fresh life and be whatever you want. You can make different decisions and every choice you make has varying consequences.

You can take up a job or be a gangsta. There are no restrictions or limitations. BitLife even has a lot of unique challenges or achievements that players can complete. This article will serve as a guide for players looking to become a clown in BitLife.

BitLife Clown Career Guide

Becoming a clown in BitLife is quite straightforward and only has one prerequisite. Your gender should be male. If you fulfill this criterion, then the next steps are simple.

You will find the Clown career option under Occupation > Jobs. The job will require you to be of a certain age as it is a rare career option. If you happen to find the career option, just click on it and you should get an interview! The good thing about this job in BitLife is that your stats or your degree doesn’t matter here.

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As long as your gender is male, you don’t need to worry. However, the game should have had the provision for all genders. Limiting a job to a particular gender seems trivial. But that’s just how the game is at the moment.

The Clown job option in BitLife is a rare occurrence so if you had ever desired to take up the profession, don’t miss the opportunity if you get one. If the job is present in the game, it can be found at the bottom of the list. The reason being – a clown job is a modest paying gig with no prospects of being promoted in ranks.

Most players want to take up the job when they need to perform a challenge, achievement, or roleplaying. But the Clown job option in BitLife is interesting nonetheless. It can be a casual way of savoring the game.

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How to Become a Clown in BitLife


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