How to Become a Basketball Player in BitLife

Bitlife overview

BitLife is a popular Life Simulator mobile game that allows you to start a new life and be anyone or anything you want. You can make a variety of choices, and each one has its own set of consequences. You can either work or join a gang. There are no limitations or restrictions. Players can also complete a variety of unique challenges or achievements in BitLife.

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If you are wondering how to become a Basketball Player in BitLife, then you’ve come to the right place! Here in this article, we will discuss that in detail.

How to Become a Basketball Player

You must follow some steps outlined below to become a basketball player in Bitlife:

  • You’ll need to start by creating a character with good athleticism and overall stats. You can do this by rerolling characters until you find one you like, or you can use the game’s god mode.

NOTE: If you don’t get one with the stats you want, you can continuously improve your athleticism by going to the gym and going for walks through the mind and body tab. It’s also a good idea to make a character born in the United States, as most of the game’s pro teams are based there.

  • When you’ve found a character you like who was born in the United States, age up until you’re in high school, then look for your school’s basketball team and try out for it. You can join your school’s team by going to the school tab and then clicking on the activities tab. This tab can also be found by looking for one that says “join an extracurricular activity” in the description.

  • If you want to join your school’s basketball team, make sure your stats are in the green, because if they aren’t, you might be rejected. If you are rejected, simply work out and go to the gym before reapplying. You’ll be able to join eventually, and when you do, you’ll need to age up while staying in shape with the mind and body tab activities. You’ll need to practise in order to improve your team’s performance. To do so, go to the school tab and look for your basketball team; clicking on it should give you the option to practise harder.

QUICK TIP – Practicing harder each time you practice will improve your performance by a small amount. In college sports, the option of practicing harder will also help you increase your chances of joining a pro team.

  • With that said, keep practising, improving your stats, and getting older. You’ll become captain and then graduate from high school sooner or later. You’ll have to move on to college sports if this happens.

NOTE – Similar to high school, this can be done by applying to a university for anything and then looking for the basketball team under the activities tab.

Want to become a Pro as well?

You should have no trouble joining if your stats are good, and once you do, make sure to practice hard and keep all of your stats high.

You might eventually be drafted by a pro team and join the pro leagues this way, but you’ll need to get a pop-up for the pro draught first.

This pop-up will appear if you played four seasons in college; you can play four seasons as soon as you enroll in college by joining a team.

Bitlife - Life Simulator thumbnail

After you graduate, the pop-up should appear, and you’ll be able to join a professional team if you select the option that says “I’m eligible for the draught.”

You can always join a professional team through the special careers sports tab if that doesn’t work out. You can try out for various sports teams under this tab, but most of them are based in the United States, so you’ll have to emigrate if you don’t live there.

Also, if your stats are reasonable, you should be able to join any of the teams, but for the best results, try joining one with low strength and working your way up the ladder after joining.

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