How to Beat Vortex Bloons TD 6

How to Beat Vortex Bloons TD 6

Bloons TD 6 is a fun tower defense game for mobile and PC. Following the traditions of this game genre, you have to battle through hordes of monsters, and sometimes fight powerful bosses. There are many bosses in the game, and each of them requires a unique strategy to fight. Today we will talk about the Vortex boss and how to defeat him.

How to Beat Vortex Bloons TD 6

Vortex is the sixth boss introduced in Bloons TD 6, which looks like a large modern airship. Vortex has less health than most other bosses, but he makes up for it with high speed.

Before the Vortex spawns, you will have about 40 rounds to accumulate enough money, and only 20 rounds to destroy it. The Vortex boss has five levels, and you need to complete them all in one run, and only after that will you win the Vortex Boss Bloon Event.

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As you can already understand, defeating Vortex is difficult, but we have prepared some tips to help you:

  • To be able to counter Vortex, during all rounds, you need to farm a lot. For this, we advise you to use Benjamin and Geraldo.
  • During the early game, you need to get the following: max health, hypersonically fast bloons, spread-out defense, and lots of long-ranged offense.
  • At levels 4 and 5 of Vortex, you need to focus on DPS characters and towers, and only slightly increase your defense. Your task is to destroy the boss before he becomes too powerful.
  • After winning each level, sell unnecessary protection and start farming again.
  • Even while fighting the last levels, don’t forget to farm money. You should always have enough coins to buy a situational hero or building.
  • To fight with Vortex, we recommend the following heroes: Quincy, Gwendolin, Striker Jones, Obyn Greenfoot, Captain Churchill, Benjamin, Ezili, Pat Fusty, Adora, Admiral Brickell, Etienne, Sauda, ​​Psi, Geraldo.
  • Speaking of towers, you should use the following: Dart Monkey, Boomerang Monkey, Bomb Shooter, Tack Shooter, Ice Monkey, Glue Gunner, Sniper Monkey, Monkey Sub, Monkey Buccaneer, Monkey Ace, Druid, Alchemist, Super Monkey, Ninja Monkey.

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How to Beat Vortex Bloons TD 6


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