We have already discussed in our TwoDots cheats article about the fact that the game is extremely difficult (and this is the exact reason that make it so addictive), and despite the tips and tricks that we have shared with you, people are still finding it difficult to beat the game without spending any money. We’re here to try and share with you a few tips and tricks that will help you do just that.

It’s not guaranteed to work, but this is how to beat TwoDots without spending any money!

I am on the opinion that the game knows how to “cheat” too and makes some levels intentionally difficult and actually impossible to win. Check out my level 20 gameplay below, to see what I mean: the game doesn’t give me the last anchor until it’s too late (I have too little moves left). That seems a bit like cheating and trying to force me to buy some extra moves, or just extremely bad luck on my side:

How can you beat this, then, without spending money? I also believe that if you spend too much time on a single level, the game will make it easier for you to win, just as it “cheats” to make it so difficult to beat. So play a level for the price of 5 lives, maybe, and if you can’t win, the next set of 5 lives should be spent playing older levels to try to get a three star rating. Then, return to the “impossible” level and play it a couple of times. You should get an “easy” version and beat it without having to spend any money!

This is not guaranteed to work, but it’s worth trying before deciding to splash the cash in the game. And if you do, just make sure that you make those power-ups count and you actually manage to complete the level!


  1. first of all, thanks for the posts on this subject. i’ve been stuck on level 25 for going on 3 days now and i’m desperate for any kind of tip.
    I just tried your method of using all your lives on the horrid level, going back and working on 3 stars and returning. I did find that I got a lot closer to beating it but still have yet to do so. Try, try again I suppose. ;)
    I also wanted to say you are not alone in the game itself “cheating”. I, too, have had the problem of the game giving me impossible drops that would in no way let me finish without making a purchase. But, the jokes on TwoDots as it were. Even if I had the money to spend frivolously, I couldn’t justify ever spending that kind of money on a game.
    Thanks again for the tips and tricks! :)

    • You’re welcome, Shay! I am sure it will work eventually, unfortunatelly it’s the longer and more difficult route. But it surely works!

      • I have been stuck on a level for over a month before; I will not give in and buy anything :P. Ive been playing this game since November and I am now on level 135 without spending a single cent :)

  2. If you double tap the home button and close the app, you can exit a game at any point without using lives. now you can play without having to wait for another life

    Good luck

  3. Can someone fill me in on the “final secret” tip that the game reveals at the beginning of level 21? I missed it and it isn’t showing up again in subsequent visits to that level.

  4. If you want to get more lives without spending money go to your settings and change the time on your phone don’t forget to change the time back after you get the lives!

  5. Somehow I have managed to get to level 50! Love this game! Every so often, I will get a square, it will vibrate indicating that I have completed the square but not all the dots of that color disappear. Has done it twice to me just today. Why does that happen and how can I prevent it?

  6. On level 50, what the heck is the 20 ‘fizzy” dots it says I have to get? There are 20 ice squares, cleared them, dropped all the anchors. But it still has 0/20 fizzy dots!! Aaarrrrgggghhh!

  7. Help, I only have 51 lives on level 110′ when I look on you tube for help, everyone else has 71!!!!!!!!!!! This level is impossible with only 51 lives!!

    • What is the dam rain thing or spaceship or whatever it is with the rays or rain “raining” on the dot and wHat is the logic behind it after level 110 I think it shows up and it moves dots around but not in any way I can figure out

  8. For those stuck on lvl 110 :
    Do not get all the red dots otherwise it’ll open the 3 ways to the fire and you’ll be screwed. What you have to do is first clear the middle part top to bottom.
    Then only, take care of the sides. If you use the “square trick” enough, by the time you will get rid of the fire, the ice will almost completely be removed.

  9. I have finally made it through the 135 levels available thus far and am going back to try to bump up my one and two-star levels, although I am not at all convinced that you can get three stars on all levels. Level 110 is simply the worst, even supposedly “rebalanced” it took me weeks to beat it. Vinni said it above but it bears repeating: DO NOT MAKE RED SQUARES until you have the center completely done and at least one side. To do so releases fire that you then have to fight on multiple fronts. Even with that, it is a rare of the draw when you can get a winnable series of dots.

    Someone above mentioned rain, those seem to be some kind of fountains and they do indeed move dots through more quickly; if you are observant you will learn what dots move where, and that helps you create squares. You have to master that or levels will be almost impossible to beat.

  10. I should have mentioned that I got through all 135 levels without spending any money, and I did get 3 stars on level 110 eventually ( the 51 moves version). I was stuck on the 71 moves version when the update “rebalancing” it came through and then was stuck for several more weeks after that.

  11. I finished this game about a week ago, and have since gone back to replay some of the levels where i got 1/2 stars in an attempt to bring them up to three stars. However, i just noticed that no matter how many times i play a level and get three stars, it never actually updates that score, so the map keeps displaying two stars when really, i’ve since gotten three multiple times. i thought maybe this was a part of the game, or a glitch, but this post implies i can go back and get three stars, so obviously there’s a problem on my end.
    anyone else have this problem? or a solution?

  12. I’m on level 100 and been trying to use the cargo crates to assist. But how are bombs in the cargo crate helpful? I feel silly asking, but what do I do with them? I Tried multiple moves but having no success.

  13. i was so excited to see what was “beyond” so after I finished level 135.. without spending any money I might add.. and nothing fun happened it was such a let down.. no fire works.. nothing

      • I agree that 115 is maddening – my top score is 329 after about a gazillion tries. That level, as well as 123 and 124, are the only ones out of 460 levels on which I don’t have threes stars.

        138 took hundreds of goes, too – I had scored 301 three times and 300 about six before I finally got the 303 (or whatever it was) that I needed for the third star.

        Anyone with hints on 115, 123 and 124?

  14. I agree they make it impossible. Especially the bonus games. They get easier with time but it does mean playing a level dozens of times before you have even a slight hope of finishing

  15. I am stuck on level 160. they do not give enough anchors and you have less than a nano-second before the anchors burst into flames. I am not going to spend any $ on it. It’s really not that much fun.


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