How to Beat Treasure Hand in Persona 3 – Weaknesses and Counters


While exploring the depths of the Tartarus, you may encounter a golden blob enemy that runs away at the sight of you. This is the Treasure Hand, and defeating it rewards you with some special goodies. Today, we’ll show you how to beat Treasure Hand in Persona 3 weaknesses and counters guide.

Beating Treasure Hand in Persona 3

Don’t underestimate Treasure Hands, as while they have a measly 100 HP, they also have 99 Agility and Luck, making them extremely hard to hit. To make matters worse, Treasure Hands have no elemental weaknesses, so stick to your regular attacks and hope for the best.

Treasure Hands rarely fight back, and most of the time they’ll just skip their turn. However, with every turn they get, they have a chance to escape from the battle. Fighting a Treasure Hand is entirely based on luck, unfortunately.

Your best bet is to just turn on RUSH mode and keep your hopes up. Your party will automatically use their regular attacks, and Treasure Hands should go down in about two or three clean hits.

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Finding and catching Treasure Hand in Persona 3

Treasure Hands are rare spawns found only in the Arqa Block, which is the second block of the Tartarus. They will not spawn in any other block, so don’t bother looking for them elsewhere.

When you’re exploring any floors in the Arqa Block, you may come across a yellow enemy blob. This is a Treasure Hand, who is very skittish, so as soon as you see one, keep your distance and stop moving.

Attempting to run straight at a Treasure Hand will almost always result in it running away. Instead, wait for it to turn away from you, then get close and attack to start the battle.

Only approach if it’s facing away from you.

When the Treasure Hand is alerted and starts running away, it will continue to do so until it hits a dead end, at which point it’ll completely disappear. Don’t mess up your chance at catching a Treasure Hand!

An alternative method of catching a Treasure Hand is to send your party after it. When you have one in your sights, use the party command to send out your party to attack Shadows. Wait for them to engage the Treasure Hand, then jump in once the battle is secured.

That concludes our guide on how to beat Treasure Hand in Persona 3. If you have any other strategies that work well for hunting Treasure Hands, let us know in the comments below!

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How to Beat Treasure Hand in Persona 3 – Weaknesses and Counters


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