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Succeeding in escape rooms is not for the impatient. In Trace on Cool Math Games, you have to escape a strange place that you’re trapped in by meticulously solving hidden puzzles scattered around the area. Technically, Trace is a one-player game, but you may end up having to ask for someone else’s help in order to beat it.

Luckily, we’re here to provide all the tips and tricks you need to know on how to beat Trace on Cool Math Games.

The basics of playing Trace

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Trace is a game with straightforward controls. You can click on the yellow arrows around the screen to look around. You can interact with different objects by clicking on them to get clues on the different puzzles you need to solve to escape.

You can also use the Camera button to take photos of the clues you find so you can easily go back to them without having to return to the area where you found it. There’s also the handy Notes button where you can go back on all your snapshots and even jot down helpful notes for your reference. The photo above shows you how to crack the first puzzle in the first room on Trace, but that’s only the beginning.

Escaping the first room

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The first room you’ll find yourself in is a strange washroom. Although beating this room can be a bit challenging at first, you’ll find out later on that it’s pretty much an introduction or tutorial to the game. You’ll have to solve the puzzle in the middle of the room with the different colored lights three different times to unlock all three cupboards. To figure out the correct sequences for each, you’ll have to take note of everything that you observe in this room and, you guessed it right: solve more puzzles.

Once you successfully escape this first room, solving the other puzzles and cracking the codes in the rest of the area will come naturally to you as you’ve pretty much gotten the hang of how the game works by then.

How to escape the first room in Trace

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The clues you find in the first room are essential to deciphering a numerical code that you’ll have to enter to solve one of the final puzzles in the first room, which unlocks the secret compartment behind the picture frame.

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There are numbers below a line scribbled on the plate inside the cupboard to your right. The other numbers you find scattered around the room are written over a line. Keep in mind that Trace is on Cool Math Games after all, and knowing your fractions and how to simplify them are vital to figuring out the code that you need to enter behind the picture frame you’ll find in this room. Use the photo above as your guide to figure out the correct code to enter.

Where is the key to the final puzzle in the first room on Trace?

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When the correct numerical code is entered behind the picture frame, it uncovers a light bulb that you can use on the pumpkin inside the cupboard to your left. Use this as a guide to enter the third and last correct sequence for the lights. This opens the final cupboard below the sink, which contains the key to the final puzzle in the first room. Solve the block puzzle, as shown above, to get your ticket on the way out of the first room in Trace.

Tips on beating Trace in Cool Math Games

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We can give you a step-by-step process on where to find all the important items and how to solve all the puzzles, but this takes away your full enjoyment of playing Trace and your unspeakable joy whenever you find a new discovery that leads you to your next clue.

What we can do instead is provide you with all the essential tips that you need to know and practice so you can eventually beat the game.

Click on everything

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Get ready to spam the left-click button on your mouse as you’ll find out that clicking on essentially everything proves to be useful when trying to beat games like Trace, especially when you’re stuck with no leads yet.

Any lid or cabinet door that can be opened, any picture frame that can be uncovered, anything that’s out of the norm or seemingly unsuspicious: click on it. Leave no stone unturned so you’ll always have a lead to follow.

Some items can be merged together

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An important hint that the game doesn’t really spell out for you is that you can actually combine some items that you found and are stored in your inventory. Simply click on a tile with an item and drag it to another tile with a matching item to merge them and make a new object that takes you to your next lead. Hot tip: In the first room, you’ll find two items that becomes a pair of handy scissors when combined.

Use the items

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Often in the game, you can only use an object with the environment after combining two items to form it. Other times, the item you collect can be used alone as it is on another object to uncover your next clue. To use an item, click and drag the item tile to anywhere on a location where you think it fits or can be used.

Review the hints

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On the lower right-hand side of each item on your inventory, you can click on the magnifying glass icon to check out the game’s hints for that specific object. These hints give you a pretty good idea of where these items can be used, if you still need to combine it first with another item before it can be placed in the appropriate area, or if it’s something that you need to collect in conjunction with similar-looking items to complete something for yet another puzzle.

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Take snapshots and jot down notes

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The Camera and Notes icons are there for an important reason. Right from the very first room, the game shows you just how useful they can be. Take photos of anything you think can be of use to you later on so you won’t have to keep circling around the area to go back to them.

This is especially useful since after escaping the first room, there will be more puzzles to solve and codes to decipher. Use these tools to your advantage to fast-track your way to your sweet escape. The photo above shows you how you can use the Camera and Notes tool to figure out one of the correct light sequence puzzles in the first room.

Collect all the items first

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It can be easy to be overwhelmed after escaping the first room. You’ll find that the area outside of that tiny washroom is massive compared to it. You’ll instantly discover a whole lot of strange symbols to decipher, passwords to figure out, equipment to fiddle with, buttons to push, and more hidden puzzles within puzzles that you just don’t know where to begin.

Since the game gives you a hint for every item you collect, you can ease your way into this next part by collecting all the objects first. Keep your eyes peeled and click on any loose item that you see. Don’t forget to interact with the furniture around you to not miss out on anything. From there, check out the hints on each of the items you collect to figure out your next step.

Do not forget where you came from

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After your initial victory with escaping the first room, Trace overwhelms you by revealing just how expansive the whole location is after looking around outside of the small washroom where you came from.

Upon leaving this room, it automatically locks you out of it. All the puzzles you solve in the area around it lead you to finding your way back to where you came from, granting you the keys towards your freedom and victory.

That’s all you need to know to beat Trace on Cool Math Games. Take note of these tips and hints to get a head start on the game whether you’re new to escape room puzzle games or not.

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