Mario Golf: Super Dash

The Mario Golf: Super Dash Adventure Mode is a very unique single-player mode, as far as sports games are concerned, as it lets you embark on a grand adventure where you will have to complete a variety of challenges, including taking down a few powerful bosses. These battles provide a very nice diversion, making Adventure Mode feel even more engaging.

Here’s everything you need to know to take down the Sacred Flamebeast, the second boss of Mario Golf: Super Dash’s Adventure Mode.

How to Defeat the Sacred Flamebeast in Mario Golf: Super Dash

How to Find the Sacred Flamebeast

Before you are able to access the Sacred Flamebeast boss fight, you will have to complete the Great Trials first. Once you do, you will have to head over to the Treasure Corner in the Balmy Dunes course, where you will meet Wario and Waluigi again.

Once the two have been electrocuted, you will be asked to use Duff Shots on the sparkling spots on the ground. Two of them include some extra coins, while one the Fire Gem. Once you find it, however, the Sacred Flamebeast will make its appearance, starting the fight.

How to Defeat the Sacred Flamebeast

To defeat the Sacred Flamebeast, you will have to take advantage of the lightning orbs scattered all over the place. Get near one of them, ready your shot and aim for the Flamebeast. Make sure to complete your shot as quickly as possible, as the Flamebeast will be sending fireballs your way to stop you from shooting altogether.

While moving around seeking lighting orbs, you will also see some purple zones on the ground that indicate where the boss’s attack will land. Make sure to step out of these zones as soon as you can, while also making sure to avoid the quicksand. Also, keep an eye on your water level: once it drops to zero, you will have to start the battle from the very beginning.

Once you have hit the Sacred Flamebeast three times with the lighting orbs, you will have to finish it off by reflecting a fireball back at it using a Duff Shot. Once you do, you will be able to harness the power of the Fire Gem, adding the Power of Flame to Special Shots.

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