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How to Beat the Abandoned Wastelands in Street Fighter: Duel

How to Beat the Abandoned Wastelands in Street Fighter: Duel
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Abandoned Wastelands is currently the last stage in the Trial Grounds of Street Fighter: Duel. It is a desolate, dangerous area that combines puzzle-solving and challenging fights with strong enemies.

Finding the right path through snow and ice can get difficult in this stage, and you should also level up and select the strongest team possible to overcome all obstacles. If some parts of this trial left you scratching your head in confusion, there is no need to worry. This guide on how to beat the Abandoned Wastelands in Street Fighter: Duel will see you safely to the other side.

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How to clear Abandoned Wastelands in Street Fighter: Duel

Moving in the right direction, avoiding traps, and defeating powerful enemy teams are keys to beating this stage. Also, make sure to pick chest boosts that increase your power level as you progress, because you will need them for the more and more challenging fights ahead.

Here is a step-by-step guide that you should follow closely if you wish to be done with this difficult trial:

  • You will spawn practically next to a challenge stop, so go ahead and defeat this team (power level: 325k), then continue straight and move the left wooden crate and the middle crate, so you can get to the next challenge (power level: 373k);
  • Go up and move the crate in front of you and then one to the left, so you can access a new challenge (power level: 382k);
  • Drive to the second row with crates and move the one to your left.
    Get into its place, then move the one in front, so that you can keep moving up.
    Move another crate to your left to open up the path, then return to the second row and move the crate to your right and one in front—to access the challenge (power level: 393k), you need to move the third-row crate that’s blocking the stop all the way to the right;
Abandoned Wastelands Street Fighter Duel
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  • Head back through the passage you cleared and make your way to the next two challenges (team power: 468k and 480k). After you finish them, move the crate in front—as it moves across the ice, it will trigger a mechanism that opens up the path to the right. Drive around the crate to the next challenge (power level: 494k);
  • Move the nearby crate down, follow it, and approach it from the left side to send it sliding to the right across the ice. Follow it again, only this time, approach it from the lower side, so you can send it moving up. Follow the crate and go left to do another challenge (power level: 527k) and one more below (power level: 546k);
  • Go back to the crate and move it in front of the single grassy patch, but then head down to do another challenge (power level: 566k).
    Use the three rock islands to position yourself in front of the crate that you previously moved, so that you can push it onto the grassy patch and open the path to a new area;
  • Head down in the opposite direction and clear challenges that are next to each other (power levels: 709k and 756k). You should move the first and the second crate in this area back onto the ice where you came from (it’s important later to have three crates in a row there starting from that grassy patch) and continue down the passage to another challenge (power level: 816k). Arrange the rest of the crates like in the image below to access the next challenge (power level: 875k);
Abandoned Wastelands Street Fighter Duel crates
Image via TouchTapPlay
  • Make your way to the Treasure Lord challenge (1,762k) and continue down;
  • Move both crates down and use the second one to get to the next challenge (1,134k).
    Go down one field, return to the crate, then go down again to the other crate and circle back counterclockwise past a challenge stop (we can’t access that one yet)—the goal is to approach the lower crate from the right, so you can push it forward;
  • Follow the crate across the ice and circle using the rocks and snow patches to approach the crate from below and send it moving up this time—now you can access another challenge to your left (1,282k);
  • Circle and approach the crate from the left side and send it moving right. Follow it, but then head down, to the right, up, to the right again across the grass patch, up, right (use the snowy patches to make a loop and approach the first crate from the right side and send it gliding;
  • Follow it, then go up, left, and down. Move the crate for one field only. Don’t follow it, but go left, down, left again onto the snow, make a loop, and move the crate to the right, so it’s next to the other crate now. Go up to approach the crate from above and send it down. Go left, down, left again onto the snow, right, down, and circle clockwise to approach the crate from the left side. Push it to the right and use it to go down to the next challenge (1,227k);
  • Approach the crate from below and move it up. Make a U-turn, so that you can approach the crate from the left and send it to the right onto the grassy patch, and activate the mechanism that will clear the path to the next area;
  • Now, you have to drive all the way back to those three crates that you lined up previously. When you reach the line of crates, go left, then down, and make your way slowly all the way to the place where you spawned;
  • You can now easily access the remaining three challenges (power levels: 1,424k, 1,592k, and 1,958k) and treasure chests.

Congratulations, you’ve cleared the most difficult trial! It is now time to relax—or explore more useful guides in our Street Fighter: Duel section.

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How to Beat the Abandoned Wastelands in Street Fighter: Duel


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