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How to Beat Sweetheart in Omori – Walkthrough

How to Beat Sweetheart in Omori – Walkthrough
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One of the most exciting parts of Omori is defeating various antagonists. It is a perfect way to test your skills and an excellent option to spend time in Omori. Read this guide, and you will find out how to beat Sweetheart in Omori. She is the main antagonist in Omori. Therefore, the guide might come in handy not only for beginners but also for experienced players.

How to Defeat Sweetheart in Omori

Unlike other enemies in Omori, Sweetheart is powerful. She has potent stats and good skills, allowing her to dominate you. The main trick in beating Sweetheart is always to keep Omori sad. If your character is sad, he will get increased attacking stats and will be able to ignore Sweetheart’s protection, dealing her approximately 150 damage every time you attack.

Another piece of advice is to have a lot of pocket snacks and Kel. As Sweetheart will almost target Aubrey, you should use pretty much snacks and Kel’s abilities to heal Aubrey to prevent other members of your team from being damaged. Also, keep in mind that it would be best if the snacks you use can recover at least 50% of health points. 

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The last piece of advice while beating Sweetheart is to use special abilities to empower the weak points of your characters. For example, as Hero is much slower than Sweetheart, you should use his regeneration to survive after the decisive attack. Moreover, you can use jacks to decrease Sweetheart’s speed and make her faster than Kel, allowing him to damage Sweetheart.

That’s it with Beating Sweetheart in Omori. Also, keep in mind that you might require a few tries to beat her even if you follow all tips in this guide. Sweetheart has 3,300 health points and 1,650 juice. So, she is a potent enemy, even for skilled players.

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How to Beat Sweetheart in Omori – Walkthrough


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