How to Beat Spatial Tower Stage 100 in Dislyte


Spatial Tower is one of the main career modes in Dislyte. So, you have to complete it even if you are not interested in it. However, do not worry, this career mode is pretty easy. If you have a powerful team, you can easily complete it in auto-mode. However, there is a 100 stage, which is unreal to complete in auto-mode. So, how to do it? Read the guide, and you will understand.

Beating Spatial Tower Stage 100 in Dislyte

The main thing that affects your game is the team. Even if you are a professional, without a strong team it is unreal to complete stage 100. So, at least you need to have: Nezha Li Ling, Artemis Mona, AO Bing Long Mian, Yao Ji Chang Pu, and Shao Siming Ye Suhua. This team is one of the best options to opt for. Also, you still can replace these characters with characters who have the same special skills. However, what is the point of it? 

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The key to success is +9 gold gear. It really strongly increases esper’s stats. If you have no this equipment, it will be much harder to beat stage 100. So, try to use the best possible gear set up. Also, espers should be minimum at the level 50. For damage dealers, this rate is higher. Therefore, you need to have them at least at level 60.

The main tip in beating the boss is to use invincibility correctly. Look at the ap bar at the bottom to make sure that boss will attack. At this moment you need to use the invincibility perk to protect your esper from being damaged. Choose one with the lowest hp. After that attack the boss as you want. All you need is to repeat this cycle during the battle.

So, that is all with beating spatial tower stage 100. Hope you consider this guide helpful!

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How to Beat Spatial Tower Stage 100 in Dislyte


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